I Celebrated EVERY Holiday in 24 HOURS! - Challenge

last night was so much fun it's New

Years Day the first day of the year

Oh No but we have a really big mess

who's gonna clean this up keep it down

Bree I'm way too much sugar last night

we should make Keith clean all this up I

haven't even better idea instead of

cleaning up all this why don't we

celebrate all of the major holidays in

24 hours that would be even more fun

than cleaning right cross right kick

okay I keep up catch up to us

hmm what is next Valentine's Day not

twice the ones I say and I'm decked out

I'm ready for love I have my Valentine's


I have hearts on my desk and I'm ready

to be swooned happy Valentine's Day Bree

I got you these amazing pink roses

they're so beautiful

so are my streamers you pulled off my

door and on top of that Bree I got you a

Valentine's Day card because I love you

so much

your handwriting is so much better than

it used to be and brand-new chocolate

these are top-of-the-line I asked the

ladies what was the best chocolates for

the best wife and they said gold bebop

awaits before hell for my chocolates

because I'm gonna eat a lot I have to

give you your pitch I want to see it

what is better teddy bear for

Valentine's Day


and of course you have a car to try not

to cry okay it's chocolate time Oh

oh yeah so about the chocolates brie you

know I couldn't let the best wife in the

world have bad chocolate so I made sure

to taste-test all of them let me tell

you something they are so good

I sure just taken the advice of the

ladies so I hope you love them they're

great aren't they I wouldn't know I

haven't tried them it's st. Patrick's

Day ladies and gentlemen are my favorite

holidays ever I've even got my kilts

we even prepared a Greenwater which

surprisingly tastes just like regular

water although it will change the colour

of your tongue my god oh I forgot to

take those out of the oven

yeah yeah careful careful careful oh we

got to decorate them as well st. Patty's

Day calls for green icing be making a

four-leaf clover oh I got you that's a

four-leaf clover right there actually

what I was going for debris open your


perfect if you guys think these are the

best st. Patty's Day cookies you've ever

seen you with that like bun in that

subscribe button right now and if you

don't hit that like button and subscribe

down yeah and as they say in mark 16:15

going to the world and preach the gospel

to every creature that's just what st.

Patty's Day is all about oh I found a

pot of gold oh no no that is my pot of

gold baby


Preston realizes that that is chocolate

right and isn't st. Patrick's Day for

the Irish not the Scottish I'll tell

later Oh

but April Fool's update this year

minecraft is the best I can't believe

they did this Preston alright you know

I've been like really moody recently and

like smells are really bothering me and

we're not prepared we uh okay I don't

have baby gates ready I don't we're a

formula we don't diapers

we have no clothes there's no crib I

need to find somebody how they build a

crib I got to go to Home Depot where's

my keys where's Mike

where's my game I need I need I need

England I need my keys I gotta go to

Home Depot they're all he's gonna buy at

Home Depot

alright it is Easter my favorite holiday

of the year

and you know what that means Easter egg

hunt oh look at all the Easter eggs

alright let's go hide them


it's a boy so many kisses how would you

do that alright guys Easter I've hidden

easter eggs all throughout the office

yeah and here pink are your piece my

pics mine you can have blue and yellow

free all right good luck candy yummy oh

my gosh look 2 eggs 1/2 and wireless

mouse ha ha Bree I'm taller in here

coins there's actual money or candy

money candy for sure



one two retards guys there is way better

ways to take down a pinata it's not a

thing I need to call my mom

Bree happy Mother's Day I know you're

not a mom yet and you did just scare me

with that April Fool's prank because I

went all the way to Home Depot and

bought so many things so at least when

we do have a baby we'll be prepared but

I got you this I know you're a cat law

and you love Eloise I've used her for a

lot of clickbait in my videos so I just

wanted to give you this because she's a

pretty good on camera cat I mean if she

was an actor she would be at least

abused no you would get me something is

this for me for LV it's for you to

breathe because you're an awesome cat

mom thank you yeah I know I picked it

out myself

no need to make me just doing my job my

first Mother's Day special welcome you

remembered to call your mom right smells

I knew it it's Father's Day I love my

dad but he's two hours away so I can't

hand him his gift

I'm not to mail it to him or drive two

hours I'm gonna hand all the father's in

the office their gifts right now are you

excited to see what's inside

I am let's go happy Father's Day to you

I picked out this bag just for you trip

see you have a cat right happy Father's

Day puppy fall through stress

congratulations you can hammer things

yeah yeah I took care of that off your

Amazon Prime list you're welcome happy

happy Father's Day to you hey I know

that you know 40 those are the best yeah

it's Dennis


too much mustard too much this is the

weirdest barbecue I've ever been to look

why you keep licking the mustard off

that hotdog

what what because it's 4th of July

fourth of July

wait where's the fireworks where's the

fireworks where's the fun part you

forgot the fire

it can't be fourth of July without

fireworks is watermelon did somebody say


Breanna's Halloween's been so rough I

haven't got any candy all I thought was

somebody gave me this hot dog and really

old I don't really want that matches

your costume here let's try this one

yeah all right please you ask them can't

be anything but a hot dog oh wait dang

kids we got a hit all the doors brick

every single house is decorated this

cool what's got it Downton

whoa whoa don't break my door sorry I'm

just excited for candy I'm the best

house on the block what about me Preston

for you none I'm a great guy

I told me dressing up as a hot dog

wouldn't get me a lot of candy quiet

down out what are you kids some candy

didn't you see my lights wrong I'm not

giving up pace here I'm watching a movie

no candy no clean house

Lucky's been a little grumpy lately so I

think it's time for some punishment Bree

I need you to open the door okay really

fast you crazy turns it's a great time

to say grace is the man of the house

dear lord thank you for this wonderful

day in this blessed food weekly doesn't

make us sick and nourishes our bodies

amen let's dive in

not supposed to be the way you do that

that's not the way we macaroni either

key I mean I crown you the king of

Thanksgiving here's your poaching bees

forget the macaroni I want the beads

instead miss Christmas Christmas

Christmas Bree you've been a good girl

you get the biggest president of the

teeth oh but the best presents come in

the small packages and John you've been

the second best kid so here is your

present - present Santa please can I

have two patties okay here you go

thank you Anna cheerio and I'm sorry

keep it for you kid teeth again he's

been ordered bring your house together

inside would you get your never

I've been the best girl my presence just

as good free that is the craziest

present I've ever heard of what'd you

get what'd you get what'd you get

even now I got fortnight spaceman's

I'll let you have that free gift I hope

this is ten times better than yours

although I'm not sure how that's gonna

work out

oh it's Barney proof oh wait I've got

some girly key

my god it's gonna be the best year yeah

guy free 20 plus 20 I'm turning 40 this