Bullying in Schools: Classroom Lesson


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let's begin with the simple question of

what is bullying first off

bullying is a behavior that is unwanted

by the student that is being bullied

it's not easy to recognize when someone

steals bullies so we must be sensitive

of other people's feelings

rule of thumb treat others the way you

want to be treated

bullying is also recognized as an

imbalance of power students who bully

use their power without regard for the

feelings of others using physical

strength against another is one type of

imbalance and the last defining

characteristics is that bullying is a

repeated behavior bullying rarely stops

of its own volition bullying behaviors

have been more than once and continue

and continue now we move on to the

second part of the lesson the danger of

using labels avoid using labels there

are unintended consequences of labeling

a student as a bully or labeling a

student as a victim you see when we

label a student has bullied or victims

we send a message that the child's

behavior cannot change refer to them as

the child who bullies

there are damaging connotations that

come with both terms now

instead of labeling the children just

label the behavior a victim does not

have to stay a victims for the rest of

their lives the danger with labels is

that they often become a self-fulfilling

prophecy now where can bullying take

place and where can you expect to find

bullies inside schools is the first

place that comes to mind when we think

about bullying location at schools is

they're all teenagers and youngsters

spend most of their time together and

bullying does happen in all schools

around the world

the next place where bullying can take

place is online and the fact is that it

is easier to threaten and insult someone

from behind a computer compared to a

face-to-face confrontation online

bullying brings a larger audience from

within the school walls the hallways are

a frequent location for bullying always

our place where students who are not in

class with one another get to interact

with each other some of these

interactions are planned and unpleasant

walk with a friend if you do not feel

safe in the hallway the next place you

might find bullying is in the bus first

off school bus drivers are too busy to

watch after students and drive the bus

at the same time many times students are

left to fend for themselves next there

are a couple more hotspots located

within the school the first hotspot is

the cafeteria the cafeteria is often a

place of isolation or bullying where

students bully another by segregating

them from the group the second hotspot

mentioned here is the playground the

playground is very similar to the

cafeteria playground can be a lonely

place for both male and female students

there are usually not many rules in

place at the playground now there are a

number of different roles that children

take on during bullying let's begin with

their child football children who bully

usually bully more than one student and

the behavior can frequently escalate

often these students require support to

change their behavior

next up the child who is focused these

children are the targets of the bullying

behavior sometimes these children may

need help learning how to respond to

bullying these students often require

support next the police reinforcements

they are not directly involved in the

bullying behavior but they give the

bully an audience they will often left

or provide support next up the defenders

of the victims these children actively

comfort the child being bullied and may

come to the child's defense when

bullying occurs and we move on to the

bystanders these children remain

separate from the bullying situations

they neither reinforce the bullying

behavior nor defend a child that is

being bullied the next role is the

bully's helper these children may not

start the bullying or lead the bullying

behavior but they serve as an assistant

to children who are bullies most

children take part in many different

roles throughout their life some kids

are both bullied and bullied others

now when a child is perceived as

different they may be at higher risk of

being bullied the first group

specifically at risk of being bullied is

the disabled children with disabilities

and other special health needs may be at

a higher risk of being bullied the fact

is they often cannot defend themselves

and that makes them a target next up

children may be specifically targeted

based on their religion for example

Jewish boys who wear yarmulkes Muslim

girls who wear headscarves and boys who

wear turbans are targeted because they

are more easily identified students who

are Christian and Catholic may be

bullied under the right circumstances as

well LGBTQ which stands for lesbian gay

bisexual and transgender LGBT youth are

at an increased risk of being bullied if

someone is using offensive words in

place of those words they are in the


lastly students may be specifically

targeted based on race or nationality it

is not clear how often kids get bullied

because of their race ethnicity or

national origin but the research is

still growing we must be careful of the

cultures of other people moving on to

the different types of bullying

first up physical points physical

bullying involves hurting a person's

body or possessions physical bullying

includes hitting kicking pinching

spitting pushing next up a type of

bullying not well recognized relational

bullying relational bullying sometimes

refer to as social bullying involves

hurting someone's reputation or

relationships it includes leading

someone out on purpose telling other

children not to be friends with someone

or embarrassing someone in public

and lastly verbal bullying verbal

bullying includes teasing name-calling

inappropriate sexual comments taunting

or even threatening to harm someone

moving on to indicators that a child is

being bullied first up a child who is

bullied may have inability to sleep

children may not be able to get a good

night's sleep because they are thinking

about previous incidents of being posed

there is also the possibility that a

child will suffer from nightmares due to

traumatic bullying experiences the next

indicator to look for is missing

electronics students who are bullies are

often robbed for their electronics

injuries on a child are another

indicator of students being bullied

physical bullying is one type of

bullying and physical bullying can

manifest itself in real injuries

long-term bullying can lead to a decline

in school grade students who are bullied

at school may deliberately miss class

because of a bully students who are

bullied will want to stay under the

radar academically and lastly and most

importantly depression the profession is

a clear indicator of being bullied

bullies can have a severe and damaging

effect on a child's self-image so to

review be on the lookout for these

indicators of bullying when you see them

and our last trip in the video be more

than a bystander first off whether

you're an adult or a child set a good

example be the person to reach out to a

new student and maybe doesn't have any

friends show others your kindness and

offer up your friendship as well

now in the case that you witness Faline

tell a trusted adult that trusted adult

can come in the form of a teacher

it can also be have parents school

counselors principals coach but it must

be someone that you trust next do not

give the boolean audience most of the

time students bully others to make

themselves look better so they are

looking for an audience don't be that

audience for the bullies lastly when it

comes to the student being bullied be

their friend the students who are being

bullied are the ones who need our

support we need to focus our energies on

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