oh dude there's a line oh my god

she's pretty oh parking back here yeah

look at that that's all for Best Buy I



Black Friday today so yeah well they

change it to Thanksgiving ten more

minutes about the moment yay slowly but

sure yeah

cutting in line

well it's flag stop so no one's going to

stop them six people is that an unopened


it's an unopened bottle if you watch it

surprised you touched it okay everyone's

on their own ready okay

bendan in your post don't run a we like

to keep down yeah nobody man everybody

stay calm and chill oh I'm gonna get me

some good feels this torture Happy


alright okay we'll be back here - yeah

SD cards very

screw it I'll get that later where's the

new 3ds where's the new 3ds they sell

out already

where's the new 3ds yes can't find the

new 3ds

excuse me where's the news would be s

the 3ds it is at the theater

okay thank you why would they put it


excuse me is that yours yes what did you

get it oh thanks okay now to pick up the

MacBook Air

oh my god I made a maze oh my god

they've blocked off all the aisles so no

one gets through it someone help me get

on Mac okay excuse me I like to buy a

MacBook MacBook hop in line they'll grab

another cage for you when you get to the

front all right thank you oh you you

don't have to you don't have to it's

okay all right thank you nice

this was like $49 comparing to the other

one and you got your Mac Mini yeah it's

just waiting to put this in the home

theater selection like why would you do


did you get what you got one of the

greatest animated we've got how that

computer's frozen


yeah I do ready all right thank you very

much so it kind of sucks that they ran

out 128 gigabytes and I have to get 256

kilobyte which costs $200 more great


don't you just love how they put it in

clear bag so people know who to rob hi

you're going Thank You Cyrus thank you

thank you

today there's still a line mission


partially accomplished since I spent

more than I wanted to buy Jonathan I'll

check yeah I think they're closed


final destination Walmart but I just

have to get Swift before my mom fun have

fun waiting

all this forest with her ha it's not

even a slipper it's a sweeper let's

screw it plus you know yeah oh yeah they

have any new thank you all right so good

thing I bought my new three-year

satisfied because they're still down

Walmart great I can fit no I cannot oh

exit otherwise this yeah


hey well thank you guys for watching

Black Friday 2016 I'm sorry that we

didn't go through thank you too many

stores this year unlike last year but we

got everything we wanted we bought a lot

of stuff so we don't need to go to

anymore so thank you guys for watching

you guys want to say anything Happy


alright happy belated thanks for

watching and see you guys later