Meier Paul Real Estate - Demolish and build or renovate?

hello my name is Suzanne inform my

four-wheeler says welcome back to MPTV

and it's my pleasure to introduce Jason

Gao from my builder friends he's a

director of my builder friend and

specializes in consultancy and helping

clients people looking to build to look

out for any pitfalls in building a house

welcome thank you

now today I'm going to go straight in to

a number of scenarios that we've

actually come across and the clients

have asked us or come to us and we

thought that we were presented to you

and you could sort of help us in terms

of giving them some ideas and what to do

and what not to do so one of the areas

that we're finding a lot of people are

facing these days is basically they

enjoy where they lyrics they enjoy you

know the area neighborhood the suburb

but they just don't like the house doing

so their questions are for example

should we sell and move some of those or

should we just demolish build or

renovate so I guess in terms of your

specialties what do you think today

demolish and then or renovate what if it

depends on the house I gotta see the age

of the house if um if that house is a

lot older it sometimes is better just to

demolition to get rid of it but if the

house is still in really good condition

you can renovate point and extend public

that you've got remember that most of

that the plumbing electrical is still

going to be older than one day to be

renewed and later date as well so you've

got to take all that into consideration

so if you taste it you know the big step

and actually decide to demolish and

giving you home what are this that were

the first things we need to think about

obviously we've got the cost of

everything because obviously when you're

when you're demolishing you've got

things that Acosta demolish you also go

think of relocating to you're going to

be moving out and having rent for a

period of time as well and then

obviously the cost of building the new

home let's believe that the main three

things what about the council's like

what do they need to be you know be the

council's a demolition they need to be

involved obviously with a few plans they

need to be involved as well yeah dealing

with councils can be difficult some

councils are raises and others but if

you are anything my experience I'll fan

if you work with the council's there are

a lot more lenient so there's always

would go into the council and have a

like a pre-meeting and sit down and say

this is what we're looking to doing this

these are the plans that we want to

build might be every concerns and we can

work together at that early stage

instead of just trying to go to

counseling I want to get this past and

maybe we're arrogant about it because

they will deliver you now thank you so

much it's been really used to really

appreciate it thank you for listening to

another and session on MPTV and we look

forward to speaking to you again