Why Is It Important To Wax Your Car? - Chemical Guys Car Care

What's up guys, today I brought in this Chevy Cruze because I want to demonstrate why it

is important to wax your car.

A lot of guys ask us is it important to wax your car or necessary, the answer is yes.

Wax adds shine but more importantly it adds paint protection against UV rays, water spots

and mess that will stain the paint.

Also, a lot of people ask is it important to clay and polish your car before applying wax?

If you leave the contamination on the surface before applying the wax, this will lock it in.

By claying it you are pulling the contamination out of the pores of the paint giving it a

super slick feeling which ensures a better bond between the paint and the wax.

Polishing isn't exactly necessary because polish is removing the oxidation, scratches

and swirls which does add to the overall gloss of the vehicle.

Having a completely smooth surface, bare paint, this is going to enhance the shine with a

better bond.

Today, on this Chevy Cruze we are going to be using our brand new Hybrid V7 Wax and to

get more in depth we are going to apply it by hand.

First you saw I shook the bottle and now applying a couple lines to the applicator and we will

dab this out.

Just like we do with the machine using polish, wax, sealant or glaze we'll dab it out and

then start spreading it over the vehicle in straight lines.

You can also work in a cross hatching pattern to fill in minor imperfections and it makes

for a better bond which will last as long as it can.

If you are wondering what's in Hybrid V7 Wax, it's actually carnauba with new polymers and

bonding agents that help enhance the shine especially on car such as this that has a

lot of metallic flake, this will make it dance when it's outside in the sunlight.

We're going to finish off this vehicle and it only takes about fifteen minutes to bond

to the surface so after that we'll buff it off with a clean microfiber towel.

After giving the wax about fifteen minutes to cure, you can see it buffs off nice and

easily with no residue left behind.

Little effort working back and forth in straight lines picks up anything that is on the surface.

You can obviously use it on painted surfaces but also glass and clear optical plastic;

anything that is painted, shiny or clear that you want protected with added shine.

We're going to wrap up this car to get it back on to the road, in the meantime you guys

can head over to our website

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