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adding wax protection to your vehicle is

normally a straightforward process

using mcguire's waxes however with the

new and improved version of mcguire's

ultimate liquid wax

we've made this process even easier

ultimate liquid wax is the result of

all new chemistry which contains

cross-linking synthetic polymers

as well as mcguire's hydrophobic polymer


this combination not only gives you

incredible water beading

but also provides maximum protection and


ultimate liquid wax also utilizes

mcguire's thin film technology

which allows for an even smoother

application and faster wipe off

even in direct sunlight in addition

ultimate liquid wax's exclusive

synthetic formula won't turn plastic

trim white

like most traditional waxes before


remember to wash and dry your vehicle

thoroughly with a high quality

automotive wash

and then make sure it's free from any

defects or bonnet contaminants

if not you'll need to use mcguire's

smooth surface clay kit

or maguire's ultimate compound to

properly prep the surface before

flying ultimate liquid wax if you don't

have access to a hose

a great alternative to washing is

mcguire's ultimate waterless wash and


just spray on and gently wipe with a

clean high quality microfiber towel

then flip to a clean portion for a final


whether you're working by hand or by

dual action polisher

ultimate liquid wax with mcguire's thin

film technology

allows you to be flexible on the

application and removal

this means if you prefer to apply it to

the entire car before removing it

you'll have no problem however this

advanced formula also allows for a


wipe-off type of application if

preferred apply ultimate liquid wax to a

small section at a time

wait three to five minutes then easily

remove it with the included maguire

supreme shine microfiber towel

with either method you choose our

testing confirms you'll be getting both

maximum protection and water beating


as with most mcguire's products a little

goes a long way

so it's always recommended to apply

ultimate liquid wax

very thin and evenly as this will help

the wax come off easier

and help to keep you from wasting

product to extend the life of ultimate

liquid wax

always use a wash designed specifically

for car finishes

like meguiar's ultimate wash and wax on

a regular basis

if you need a stronger wash to remove

stubborn contaminants like tough dirt

bugs and tar meguiar's wash plus is

ideal for deep cleaning

and lightly polishing the paint quickly

and easily with maguire's ultimate

liquid wax you'll end up with

maximum polymer protection on your car

quicker and easier

while providing you with incredible

depth of color and mirror-like shine


but this is an all-in-one step create a


great shine give you good correction

true paint correction

formerly known as hd speed it's now

brand new

3d speed in a sexy slender purple bottle

that great scent that you guys are used

to that wonderful correction glaze

so it takes some time go ahead check out

the video

enjoy so we're going to take 3d speed

it's all one correction glaze it's going

to have

true paint correction but it also has a

little bit of fillers in it because it's

a wax

the idea behind it is it does a fast

speed correction it's quick it's easy

does a great job

we will go through and we'll do this

demonstration and we will show you that

it will do

a true paint correction as well now

there might be some light scratches left


but it's going to give you that quick

finish that you want the thing that's

unique about speed is the longer you use

the abrasives because it's not

diminishing the more paint correction

you're gonna get out of it so we're

gonna do 3d speed

do it on a k56 stp a dark purple heavy

cutting spider pad

and you'll see the correction that

you're gonna be able to get out of it

and what we'll be able to do in one step

take 3d speed now thing that's beautiful

why we did this

giant car as an example is this hd speed

goes a long

way does a lot of work for you

in a very short amount of time now this

is all the material we need

speed will spread nice and even okay

so obviously you want to make sure that

your surface is clean

prior to doing any detailing this has

been washed

but we got a little bit of dust to fill

down on it you can take

time and you can run over it with a clay


any of those scenarios for you but speed

the idea is to get a quick

paint correction and then apply wax to

it so you got good protection

okay so with us we're going to crank

this baby up

now i'm going to go nice slow even

steady motion

first thing you'll notice is that great


notice how well it spreads throughout

the pad again like i said you don't need


thread it into the pad fryer you don't

have to or prime it is what they call it

now this is with a heavy cutting pad

you're going to see the gloss that they

get out of it

again great open times go a long way

if you want up here you can see you got


little correction we can take out

some quick things we want to move it

over fast you'll get a waxy finish with


and you'll bring some gloss to it

and you don't have to worry about a

whole lot of mess

make sure you then turn it off on the

pad turn off on the pit

okay make sure you have a nice clean


and one thing you'll notice with this

product is you can set it out

go for a long period of time a lot of


love it because this doesn't get hard to


if you ever have a difficulty removing

this product what you've done is you

just put

way too much material on there a little

bit goes a long way

and you can see how easy it removes

how easy it is to use and you can see

that great gloss

that it brings man you can definitely

see a huge difference between the side

full of scratches here and the side that

has absolutely

no scratches anything looks clear as day

super glassy i mean look at the

difference between those scratches it's


now to prove that we have true paint

correction this is a not a necessary

step because remember you're leaving a


but to prove that we have true paint

progression we're going to use prep all

prep ball is a wax and grease remover

that you use prior to paint to strip any

waxes or greases or anything else that

might cause fish eyes

so it's important for this process

because well

just to show you we don't have anything

in there that that's going to

that we have a little bit of filler but

it's going to actually do

true paint correction so we'll go ahead

and spray this down

now you might notice a little bit of

fillers that are coming back

from it because again it's wax guys it's


it's supposed to have a little bit of


but you can see clear as day

that that those scratches have gone away


the most advanced ceramic waterless car


fortified quick coat by shine armor easy

to use simply spray it on whatever

surface you want

spray it on your microfiber cloth gently

wipe the cloth

back and forth buff out the haze now you

want to dry it off with a clean

microfiber cloth

repeat for the rest of the vehicle in

the formula it repels

water it repels dust it is a protectant

for your vehicle the water can't touch

the ceramic coating

it beads right up it falls right off

you're gonna make this

look like this

fortified quick cool by shine on

ultimate fast finish is a whole new


a revolutionary concept in paint

protection our advanced polymer

chemistry makes it radically different

in three ways

the way it goes on the way it stays

clean the way it

lasts and lasts being an aerosol with

hundred percent active ingredients

rather than a liquid or paste ultimate

fast finish redefines

speed and ease of application it's

insanely fast to apply

spray a small amount directly onto the

supplied microfiber cloth

not under the paint spread

then flip your cloth for a final wipe

no buffing no residue no fuss

it really is that quick that easy

the secret is it's no dry time chemistry

the active solvents just flash off in


leaving nothing but a layer of pure

polymer protection you'll be able to get

around your whole car

in about 15 minutes fast finish delivers

the relentless water beating protection

mcguires is famous for

its innovative formula resists water

spotting in fact

very little sticks to this unique

coating that means your car stays

cleaner for much longer

even after rain it's also easier to

clean when it does need washing or spray


thanks to mcguire's game-changing

polymer chemistry

ultimate fast finish delivers

unbelievable durability

it lasts and lasts up to a full year on

well-maintained paintwork

perfect for fussy enthusiasts chasing

maximum protection

use fast finish by itself on as new or

restored paintwork

or on top of your favorite meguiars

polish wax or sealant to extend


it's a good idea to add a second coat of

fast finish to all the painted top


and maintain with maguire's ultimate

wash and wax

prior to application surface prep your

paintwork if required as it needs to be

completely smooth to the touch

then kept that way otherwise durability

will be compromised

maguire's smooth surface quick clay is

perfect for initial surface prep

and periodic maintenance it quickly and

easily removes bonded contaminants that

you typically can't see

only feel the baked on type that washing

or even polishing won't budge

ultimate fast finish leave it to


the most trusted name in car care for

over 100 years

to provide super long lasting protection

and increased shine

faster and easier than anyone ever

thought possible


maintaining black paint is a serious

task some vehicles hide from the

elements and garages while on the

opposite side of the spectrum some

vehicles are used to attack those

elements in necessity or recreation

their sole purpose has an expendable

piece of equipment for fun with much

less regard for cleanliness in the

immediate now whether it's an off-road

or adventure vehicle seeing all of

nature's elements a year-round daily

driver seeing rain snow and salt or a

show car only seen occasionally used

blemishes and contaminants are bound

over their head and it's our job to

present a solution

in this extreme case we'll be using an

off-road suv that sees as many trails as

it does

paved roads and even more tree branches

than it does car wash mitts

our solution turtle wax's jet black

series of products including the black

box finish kit all designed with

proprietary black tint technology

exclusively for black paint we'll start

with step one in the black box finish

kit the black pre-wax cleaner with your


clean dry and out of sunlight pour the

pre-wax cleaner onto one of the provided

applicators or a clean microfiber towel

and with back and forth motions work

into the paint section by section

let it dry to a haze and follow a jet

black spray detailer

spray it onto a clean microfiber towel

or directly onto the surface to be wiped

continue these same steps again in

manageable sizes throughout all of the

car's panels

once complete with stage one it may be a

good time to look for any especially

noticeable squirrel marks or scratches

here we use the turtle wax color magic

jet black polish

again pouring onto a foam applicator or

clean microfiber towel

and working into the paint with back and

forth motions drying to a haze and

wiping away with a clean cloth

once happy with the cleanliness after

stage one stage two involves the jet

black's caranuba wax

similar to stage one apply the black

carano wax to a provided applicator or

clean microfiber towel

and gently work into the paint one

manageably sized section at a time

let the black caranuba wax dry to a haze

and either buff away with a clean

microfiber towel or use jet black spray

detailer for assistance

we cleaned up all final details with the

jet black spray wax

maintaining our work with the best

possible final touch with minor

scratches blemishes and swirls removed

every black panel now boasts a rich deep

new breath of life freed from years of

contaminants and protected for more to


designed specifically for black cars

turtle wax's jet black series has

everything you need to clean restore

and maintain your black paint


now speed wipes a detail spray that's

enhanced with a gloss enhancer and uv

protection so i'm going to take my

speed wipe and i'm going to spray it all

over the surface and the cool thing

about this

is that it's going to work on every

surface so i'm going to use on the


i'm also going to use it on the painted

surface as well and once i spray it on

i just wipe it away and i pull off all

the dirt

there we go now a lot of places that

usually get a little bit more dirty is

exhaust covers and engine covers so

right here we have the crank

i'm going to spray a little bit on my

towel and i'm going to wipe away any

dust any fingerprints that's on the tank

as well

i'm going to give the quick seat of wipe

down this is actually like a vinyl

rubber seat

but you notice the speed wipe does a

great job

of removing any dirt off the seat and it

gives it an original factory look

i'm gonna wipe off any of the little tar

on there