The Best Time Of Day To Water Your Lawn


today's go on tip we're going to be

talking about when you should water your

lawn what time of the day so let's talk

about that now if you just want the

short answer the short answer is the

best time of day to water your lawn is

in the morning between 6 a.m. and 10

a.m. but if you want to know the answer

why let me explain


so really to illustrate this we're going

to be considering three times of day

that we can water so first of all we're

going to look at morning



and I time


so this will be our ground that the VA

ground that would be I ground this is

that Sun and each Sun and Sun sounds

looking a bit square but nevertheless

this is just for illustration sake

okay so we're watering the lawn is that

one here


now as we water the lawn certain amount

of the ground is then wet say in the

morning when you water this is what

happens if you water between 6:00 a.m.

to 10:00 your ground gets really soaked

if you water enough when the Sun rises

the water then evaporates so which means

your lawn receives its order and it

leaves no excess remaining if you order

midday you put all the water in but very

quickly the water evaporates off and

when under that rates off it leaves the

water it leaves the lawn to only soak up

a very small amount of water that you

have used on it in the morning when you

water it allows it to penetrate soak up

and then evaporate off meaning the water

doesn't stay for too long if your water

at night you'll have all the water in

your soil and on your lawn that water

will remain on your lawn throughout the

whole entire night perhaps 8 to 10 hours

now if you do leave water throughout the

night if you have warm conditions where

you live it highly increases the chance

of disease in your lawn and when that

happens your lawn becomes very unhealthy

so at nighttime it is actually the worst

time of day to water your lawn because

as mentioned the water that is put into

the lawn does not evaporate quick enough

this leaves a big chance for fungus

mushrooms and disease so this is the

worst time of

day two what you're going to never water

at night midday again it is the second

best option to to water your lawn

however it is not recommended again

you'll only have very short grass roots

the reason for that is as you water the

water gets evaporated too quickly by the

Sun because that is when the biggest

impact of the Sun is midday so it

evaporates too quickly for the lawn to

soak up the water meaning midday is not

the right answer which leaves us to

morning as the best time to water at

1:00 so recommended time to water your

lawn is between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. this

means that your grass will receive the

water that it needs and it will not get

diseases thanks for watching today's

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