Top 17 Coolest Places to Visit in Mexico | Mexico Travel Guide

what's up you legend as you know I just

finished driving 7,000 kilometers

literally all about in Mexico and had

the time of my life exploring this

magical country for the longest of time

my adventurous explorers have been

asking me to make videos about the top

places I visit in the country or the

most hidden gems I discover but my issue

with this was the fact that for me

traveling is this really spontaneous and

adventurous thing where I basically

discover things I didn't even know

existed and and you know go off the

beaten track as much as I can that being

said when I do my minimal travel

planning I do use other people's

resources and that is why I finally

decided to make my coolest places to

visit video that I hope to continue

everywhere I go one quick thing before

we start though if you start watching

this video hoping that I will talk about

places like catedral de mexico or cancun

or places like this you can stop

watching right this second because if

they're not here however if you want to

see the really cool stuff

Mexico has stuff for you certainly at

the right place

number 17 is a sonata with a really

mysterious name the Pet Sematary you see

when they initially explored the sonata

a team of divers came upon a truly

marvellous discovered the caves

jaw-dropping rock formations were

punctuated by stalactites and

stalagmites with pockets of darkness in

which cave blank fish

flourish most agreeable the bottom of

the pool had a soft dune like surface

which when shifted revealed unforeseen

treasures the bill was littered with

animal bones ranging from ancient to

more familiar I'm putting the fossilized

remains of an extinct prehistoric hammer

it's thought that in the old days the

indigenous people caused the remains of

their dead animals into these caves for

some sacrificial or burial reasons does

this matter go to same with pet cemetery

even these days it's filled with bats

blind fish and of course to write to us

senada pet cemetery is only 25

kilometers away from tulum city and 60

kilometers away from Playa del Carmen

the place is certainly not too difficult

fine however do you need a mode of

transport together and you'll have to

spend quite a bit of time driving on a

dirt road

so be ready for a few bumps here and

there the upside is you'll get to see

lizards on the way a surprise will not

include a swimsuit and a day at the

entrance they last whether you want to

rent it or not we thought that this

inaudible otter would have to be quite

warm sand went inside without it and

then we were sharing literally all the

time I mean it was so cold that I even

couldn't last the whole tour and left

like 20 minutes earlier some place to

visit number 16 on my list is San Miguel

de Allende San Miguel played a major

role in Mexico's war of independence in

the 19th century it is the birthplace of

some of the most important figures of

the war as well as the very first town

in all of Mexico to gain its

independence from Spain the city is also

very popular for its mariachis who play

there non-stop funnily enough at the

time of our visit

guy decided to go a step further and

actually propose his girlfriend while

the mariachis were singing what alleged

san miguel de allende is located in the

state of Guanajuato just under 300

kilometers away from mexico city and

less than 100 kilometers away from

Guanajuato city it's easily reachable by

car but I'm sure you won't have any

trouble finding the bus - it's time to

get their land these incredible popular

among expats and trip so it doesn't

matter what time you go there it'll

always be packed my best tip is to wake

up very early in the morning just before

the Sun Rise and because then everyone

will still be sleeping from their

beautiful night outs okay and I'm surely

have a lot of fun because the views the

view oh the news aren't great my

fifteenth's charts is a place of

incredible history and power port

Veracruz it is a structure built by the

early Spanish who came in there shining

armor to conquer the new world it said

that more silver and gold has been

collected stored and shipped from

Veracruz and the fortress than any other

place in the new world this work took

nearly 50 years to complete and claimed

the lives of thousands of indigenous

slaves as well as thousands of tons of

Carla brief that was destroyed to build

the walls of this fortress later on the

fortress earth as a battleground a

prison and even a presidential palace

these days it's a famous museum among

many travelers who pass by and certainly

a great place to visit the fortress is

called San Juan de Ulua in Spanish and

is located in the porcelain of Veracruz

city known as Erika Veracruz the place

number 14 is last Coloradas it's a group

of huge pink salt lakes in the dialog

active biosphere Visser a protected

wetlands area home to animals like

flamingos crocodile sea turtles Jaguars

and all kinds of sea birds last

Coloradas means the red ones in Spanish

which is an incredibly appropriate name

for this place

these lakes produce thousands of tonnes

of salt per year which is a great source

of income for the local people that

makes them less dependent on fishing the

lakes are a really cool spot to visit

not all

they look very spectacular but also

because you get to see hundreds of wild

flamingos chilling in them this was the

first time I ever saw wild flamingos in

my life and it was amazing

let's go die this was one of the coolest

places we visited in Yucatan but it's

certainly not easy to get there it's

around 230 kilometers away from Merida

and almost 300 kilometers away from

Cancun reachable by relatively small

country roads I'm pretty sure no buses

go there except for special tourist

group buses so I guess you either need

to get your own car or join someone who

has a car our book some sort of a tour

that will get you there when you come to

Las Coloradas you will be asked to pay

an entrance fee that also includes a

local guide without whom you cannot

actually enter the place so please don't

start talking about how much you do not

need a guide and how much you don't like

having guides and stuff and support the

local people they certainly you know

don't live their lives in luxury and I

mean the entrance ticket is cheap my

choice number 13 ghost the tiny town of

clack attempt on a UNESCO World Heritage


famous for its gorgeous architecture and

colonial-era layout there might not be

large shopping malls or cinemas or zoos

or amusement parts in this town but what

it does have is the feature of a

timeless I promise you this place will

take you hundreds of years back in time

to the 6 p.m. or the 70 century what it

was built and flourished the town

features multiple cute bars and

restaurants churches gorgeous laze parts

and an overwhelming amount of all

idyllic life black what Alpine is

located in the state of vet occurs only

100 kilometers away from its capital

Heroica Veracruz and just over five

hundred kilometers away from Mexico City

we had a car going there but I'm sure

you can find other transportation

options to better cruise certainly ain't

no jungle go to the main square of

collectible Pond in the evenings when

hundreds of birds come there to chill in

the trees and sing so loud it'll make

you think they were using loudspeakers

that was certainly one of the weirdest

and coolest things we saw during our

Mexico Roche of n I'm absolutely certain

you'll love it too

number 12 is my boy I know I know

I know most people would probably have

this place at the very top

Liz but it was just so too misty I

couldn't and also number 12 ain't

necessarily that bad considering we

don't even have cheated it's an endless

battle they'll take what kind the most

famous archaeological site in all of

Mexico that receives millions of

tourists every year

Delta Qualcomm is an ancient

Mesoamerican city where the Aztecs

believed their gods were born over 1,000

years ago touted wakhan was the largest

city in the pre-columbian americas with

a population estimated 125,000 people or

more making it at least the sixth

largest city in the world during that

time not much is known about the

mysterious past of stearic economy but

it's clear that this place held enormous

political significance for the

civilizations of those times and was

also a place of religious ceremonies

during which animals and people were

sacrificed after they ceremoniously

crossed this avenue of the dead

they'll take walk on is just 50

kilometers away from central Mexico City

and if there is a place that's really

neat to get in our list

that's certainly this place as

convenient as it is together and the

downside of course is the fact that

everyone comes there and so get ready

for massive crowds of tourists and you

might also have to wait in line to get

to the very top of the tournament on the

Sun and so get ready for that the views

are certainly gonna be great at trust me

at least number 11 on my list is this

urban paradise called Sonata xacti the

Yucatan Peninsula has as many as six

thousand sonatas which are water filled

sinkholes but this one is the only one

located in the midst of a largely urban

surround it's not just an urban surround

it's literally inside the city center I

mean imagine Oxford Street in London or

the Times Square in New York AB it's

crazy this place might not be as

picturesque as some of the other sonatas

but it's certainly one of the bests to

go swimming at since it's so cheap

accessible and hardly ever busy with

as I mentioned already Seneca Zaki's

located literally in the city center of

melancholia but it's also not too far

from our popular cities in the area 150

kilometers away from Cancun 140

kilometers away from Playa del Carmen

and only 100 kilometers away from Tulum

the single is filled with tons of iowa's

black fish that will nibble at your eat

if you let them

soup you're a fan of the fish bath

you'll certainly enjoy your time at the

sonatas eyes we just got into Jacobs top

10 places to visit in Mexico welcome

welcome welcome you which place number

10 is sumidero canyon the canyons

creation began around the same time as

the Grand Canyon in the United States by

a crack in the area's crust and

subsequent erosion by the great

heidelburgh River which still runs

through it so Madonna Canyon has

vertical walls which reach as high as

1000 years and look out of this world

beautiful when you take a car to this

Madera Canyon you drive up a mountain

and then make your way to the very end

of the road visiting multiple viewpoints

along the way and then drive all the way

back I know you can also take a boat

tour to sail you up the river across the

whole canyon but unfortunately we didn't

get the chance to do it ourselves though

I'm sure that would have been great

so the other Canyon is located just

outside the capital of Chiapas looks

like The Pianist taking a car there is

incredibly easy but I know that pretty

much every hotel or hostel and town can

also sell you a tour if you are key we

also saw some people simply walking up

the mountain and then walking all the

way down and so if you have a lot of

time that could also be a pretty good

option at some point most of the

viewpoints felt kind of similar and we

didn't want to go to the very very end

to the very last viewpoint however we

did and that almost had the best use and

so make sure you go to the very end

check it out and then go chill number 9

goes to by language one of the most

important cities of the Maya world that

forest big time in the seventh century

Palenque was first inhabited around 100

BC and it was the westernmost city-state

in the Maya world

it wasn't the largest of their cities

but it contains some of the finest

architecture sculpture roof

and fast relief carvings the Maya ever

produced even though Palenque is by far

the most well researched of all the Maya

cities it is estimated that less than

10% of the total area of the city is

explored leaving more than a thousand

sculptors still covered by the dense

jungle but lanky is located in the state

of Chiapas relatively far away from any

of its bigger cities its capital Tecla

Gutierrez is almost 300 kilometres so we

do the capital of Tabasco State the

latter masa is a little more accessible

only 150 kilometers away that being said

Palenque is one of the most visited

ancient ruins in all of Mexico so I'm

absolutely certain there's a lot of

transportation options my best tip is to

get there early

you see we got there just an hour or two

before the place would close and so we

spend our time exploring and then a

really big jungle rainstorm was

approaching so we really wanted to

experience it there but the security

guards approached us and said we had to

leave because apparently the place is

closing which is super disappointing

well I guess I guess you live and learn

8 number 8 goes to crater Hoya Honda

which was the northernmost point of our

trip in Mexico this crater is 800 meters

wide and 200 meters deep and has been

the source of legends and mystery for

generations according to legend the

crater has not only housed bandits and

their treasures but is also a place

where witches can be sited some nights

and where the UFOs tend to land from

time to time unfortunately we didn't get

to see the witches or UFOs but but they

had a great time there exploring the

place nonetheless you can also go hiking

at the bottom of the crater which

unfortunately we didn't get to do but if

you ever have the chance let me know how

it went

let the fun part begin this crater is

only 50 kilometres away from a

relatively big city called San Luis

Potosi but it felt so remote and quite

hard to get to at that point on our trip

we had already taken some really remote

roads but this was something on another

level we had to ask

of locals still point us to the right

direction that across this vast expanse

then we had all to ourselves and somehow

find the way to the crater which

certainly didn't have proper science

pointing to it but it was so much fun it

was all worth it obviously the best tip

is that it certainly isn't easy to get

to this place so sharpen up your Spanish

and get ready to have some epic

interactions with local people and

you'll find it eventually don't worry

it'll be large least number seven goes

to the most high-ranking Sonata on my

list sonatas sweeten this an art is

probably one of the most popular cenotes

in all of Yucatan but it has one

incredible thing going for it the

absolutely insane look and the light

that shines through the very top when we

came in the Sonata had a traditional

performance and was completely packed

with people we really bitter mired abuse

but this place certainly didn't have

that magical feeling you'd expect but

then all of a sudden it all changed

almost everyone left and we were there

with just a few other backpackers it was


sonatas sweeten is located just 10

kilometers away from Bellas Artes

Mexico's capital of the legendary

sonatas you can easily get there with a

car or uterus plus however know that if

you go there with the tourist bus there

will obviously be a lot of people coming

with you on the same bus and by the time

you need to leave you will have to leave

with them right so you you probably

won't experience something that's leave

it when we just came with a car but

there's upsides and downsides the

performance of course looked absolutely

wonderful but the use performance is add

the most popular times when most people

come to the place so I would probably

recommend not going to a performance is

then the place will be a lot more calm

and serene which i think is probably

better than seeing the performance with

a million people there but it's your

call it's your call number six is this

wonderful mineral pool place called era

el agua era la who is a set of natural

rock formations that resemble cascades

of water the site consists of two rock

cliffs which rise between 50 and 90

meters from the

below and obviously look absolutely

spectacular at the top of Emma and I go

there also a dozen or so water pools

that you can jump in and swim and

they're much better than any infinity

pool you've ever been to trust me

Annabella who is located in the state of

Oaxaca just 70 kilometers away from

Oaxaca City even though that doesn't

sound like a lot the roads leading to it

are certainly not the best and pus it

takes up to two hours to drive the

distance but you'll get to see gorgeous

Mountain News and and super tiny cool

villages on the way so it ain't all that

bad we only spend 10 to 15 minutes

bathing in those fools but it was so

good we were literally shivering and so

maybe take a towel or some or go there

on a sunny day I don't know just get

ready for frizz in cold water finally

the top five welcome welcome welcome

number five goes to the mountain village

of Benito Juarez Benito Juarez is a

picturesque village that makes up part

of a conglomerate of villages known as

the jointly responsible villages who are

working to assure sustainable logging

and supplement their income by providing

ecotourism facilities when you get to

the village you can drive up to this

incredible new pond that has a very long

hanging bridge that doesn't look real at

all when I went there the whole area was

rounded by clouds which got diving his

wonderful pink and purple colors just as

the Sun was setting absolutely

magnificent many toccatas is only 60

kilometers away from Oaxaca City but the

roads are unpaved and incredibly windy

going up a hill which means it takes

about two hours together but if you're

not the biggest fan of boring Thai ways

who love that rider Bryce Lee my choice

number four is the island of Paul box

Paul box is one of the most remote and

well-preserved islands in Mexico it just

over 40 kilometres long and is separated

from the mainland by ten kilometers of

shallow Lagoon that is only two

flamingos pelicans and other Richford

likely most of the people of Halbach

still make their living fishing the

streets are made of white sand common of

Caribbean islands and there are very few

cars as most people commute with golf

carts or bicycles

in spite of the islands natural beauty

inaccessibility has left it relatively

unspoiled by mass tourism which will

make you incredibly HAP dylon has tons

of gorgeous beaches cheap massages a

town center with quite a few depressions

and a great sense of point where you can

also chill on a hammock Paul box is

really complicated to get to if you have

a car you'll have to drive 100 or the

kilometers away from Cancun to this tiny

town called cheeky Lea then pardon the

car there and hop on e very going to

host the ferries run every 30 minutes or

sometimes every 1 hour and depending on

the time of the day since haul box is

still relatively untouched by

civilization they have been aliens

of super aggressive mosquitoes ready to

dine on you so certainly bring some

mosquito repellent or or a hat or iron

or something to protect yourself as you

definitely do not want to end up in a

situation my boy and Lucas ended up in

check it out my boy just broke his bike

canary has to run because if he stops

he's done

that's the forest fan gather top-three a

welcome and I have to say it is getting

hot in the studio

no my choice number three is less pauses

less pauses is an extraordinary

surrealist sculpture garden situated in

the mountains of Mexico it was created

by this eccentric English poet called

Edward James who wanted to build a

Garden of Eden on earth by the time

James died in 1984 he had spent over

five million dollars for the

construction of las partes and had built

36 surrealist inspired concrete

sculptures spread out over more than 20

acres of tropical jungle walking around

les bosses we somehow forgot we were on

planet earth it felt more like Narnia or

the Lord

I don't know I mean look at this place

les fathers is located just outside of

this beautiful mountain town called Hill

Italy it certainly takes a long while to

get to the town as it's almost 500

kilometers away from Mexico City and a

lot of the roads leading to it are small

mountain roads that cross many towns and

villages on the way so your average

speed certainly isn't the fastest my

best tip is bringing swimsuit to last

pauses because they have a couple of

waterfalls there where you can actually

bathe him I didn't have my suburban

shirts there and I certainly wasn't too

happy about

number two is yes - next suspense is the

black hole of New Mexico the cave of

swallows is a huge open-air - pit cave

also known to be the second deepest bit

in Mexico and the largest known cave

shaft in the world every evening a large

flock of birds circled the mouth of the

cave and about once each minutes a group

of perhaps 50 breaks up and has straight

down towards the opening when they cross

the edge supports pulling their waves in

free fall extending the Rings and

pulling out of the dive when they reach

the heights of their nests this is an

absolutely incredible thing to


trust me steve-o swallows is located

just 60 kilometers away from town of

Hitler I just mentioned but bear in mind

that the roads are absolutely terrible I

will take it well over two hours

together so take some snacks and get

ready to cross a million hose on the way

it'll be worth it though this dip will

certainly save you some money do not fly

a drone at that place we didn't know

this rule so we we started flying or

John Goodwin insane shot at this one and

then some local sauce there flying the

drone in

the biggest thing don't village start

discussing what they should do with us

and some policemen or local guards or

whatever came on their motorcycles with

with radios and eventually we had to pay

a fine of $45 em which isn't too crazy

and though it's quite a bit of money in

Mexico I guess so we were of course

really happy that we could support the

local community but you know be careful

with these things and they say the

reason you cannot really fly on there is

because you might potentially hurt the

birds so we're really sorry we did it

and we paid our fine so I guess we're

even now

no and but yes yes be careful and

finally my most favorite place in all of


the legendary double water pump oh

that's it this insane insane insane

insane place you're gonna let me check

it out famed for its turquoise water the

more wonderful is the result of two

rivers merging which create this

magnificent 300 meter wide and over 100

meter high wonderful not only is it one

of the largest but certainly one of the

most beautiful waterfalls Mexico has to

offer and honestly if I ever made a list

of my top waterfalls in the world which

might be a good idea okay this would

definitely be one of the top ones you

can admire millions of times of water

cascading down 100 meters when you're at

the bottom of the waterfall and also see

the whole thing from up above both views

will certainly take your breath away

most importantly when we were there we

encountered absolutely no turrets and

even though I know that you know putting

this waterfall in a video like this

might potentially change the situation

and you know but I guess really really

good things are meant to be shared so so

go see the waterfall and as soon as you

have the chance the more waterfall is

located not too far from the city of

Ciudad bias in the province of San Luis

Potosi however the roads leading up to

it are terrible I mean they're beautiful

but there yep when you get to the end of

the road you will have to park your car

under a tree then hop into a big boat go

to the other side of the river and then

walk for another 20 to 30 minutes to get

to the top of the water and the same to

get to the bottom but that's exactly

what makes a place non touristy because

it's hard to get I really really really

hope that never changes please never

make a concrete row there please please

my best tip is of course plan as much

time as you can for this place and once

you're there do not rush go to the very

bottom of the water flow and just sit

there admiring the view playing cards or

doing whatever else then go back to the

very top and do the same for as long as

you can I'm sure you'll enjoy every

second of it this place is definitely

worth your time and also when we were

there we have very little service on our

phones which once again was great

because you can finally put the phone

down or ideally toss it into the river

and simply take everything impressed me

your time at t-mobile will definitely be

a lot of fun so that is it this is the

end of the very very list and if you are

a person who watched everything from the

very very beginning of the video to the

very end you are a bloody legend I would

like to hug you a million times and give

you five million high fives hey if you

liked the video of course it matters to

like button do not forget to turn on the

notifications on all of my videos and

most importantly whatever happens always

stay curious