When is the best time to visit India?

India is one of the most diverse

countries on the planet and a complete

feast for the senses so when is the best

time to go


India is huge and the weather can vary

greatly between the popular travel


the one thing it really is is cold

thanks to the protection of the

Himalayan mountains much of India's

tropical which means winters are in fact

mostly warm October through to March is

the coolest and driest time to visit

when temperatures in Delhi Agra and

Rajasthan can fall to 8 degrees Celsius

overnight but be an enjoyable low 20s

during the day further south in Mumbai

temperatures in winter reach a warm of

31 degrees during the day with almost no

rain Kerala is hot year-round with

winter temperatures hovering around 28

degrees Diwali the great festival of

light falls in October or November and

is one of the most colorful hindu

festivals on the calendar if you're

visiting the taj mahal during winter it

is best to go later in the morning or in

the afternoon after the early morning

fog lifts for the rest of the year go at

sunrise and avoid the midday heat Sun

worshipers might love visiting from

March to May when temperatures soar and

the rain is yet to appear in Delhi and

the Golden Triangle as well as Rajasthan

highs reach well over 40 degrees Celsius

and further south in Kerala temperatures

are much more comfortable though there

is some rain about but this is the best

time to spot Tigers and rathnam boar

National Park as they come out in search

of water in July the rain really starts

to fall around most of the country

marking the start of the monsoon season

the rainfall can actually be a relief to

the soaring heat and the temperatures do

come down a few degrees

and of course lush vegetation Springs

from the rain particularly down south

during the monsoon temperatures of

Mumbai Agra and Rajasthan eased to the

low to mid-30s and the humidity

accompanies the rain high water levels

from the rains means that this is a

great time for boat cruises along the

Ganges and the kerala backwaters and

waterfalls are also at their very best

so whether you're after rest and


action culture or a little Sun worship

there is a time and place for you in

India when will you go