How the Econ button works on a new Honda. How it really works!!

hi this is Billy from Leesburg Honda

again today we're going to be going over

the econ button a lot of customers ask

me what the econ button is and a lot of

people they misinformed as far as what

it is we're going to take a little more

time and go over it but you know what it

actually does for the car

okay so I've drawn some diagrams here

today to give you a little visual on how

the econ system works a lot of people

think that it does all kinds of things

and sales people tell them everything

under the Sun and it cuts off cylinders

it does it makes the car run on leaner

things like that what the car does when

you have it on the econ button it

changes your throttle response your

cruise control your air conditioning and

also the transmission now the track the

throttle response what it does is it

changes not at the beginning of your

throttle response or not at the end so

not at your taking off or not your full

throttle it changes the middle of your

throttle response so when you're

cruising down the interstate things like

that you're going to a little bit softer

pedal but you're going to get get better

gas much cruise control it changes your

cruise control how does it do that

it changed it doesn't allow the car to

kick down as quickly so when you're

going up hills a lot of times the car

will slow down because it doesn't want

to kick down and waste the gas so if you

cut the key count system off your air

your cruise control of will act more

normal air conditioning how does it

affect the air conditioning what it does

is it changes it makes the compressor

click off and on more often so by doing

that it saves fuel but on the other hand

on an extremely hot day you get a 95

degree high humidity day air conditioner

is not going to work as efficiently so

what's going to what's going to happen

is it's going to stay it's not going to

get cool in the car so what you do is

you cut the econ button off for a few

for a few minutes out the car cool off

get to a good temperature inside the car

then you can always reengage the econ

button transmission it affects the shift

points of the transmitter

so by doing that it can optimize your

fuel economy I hope this helps you if

you have any questions feel free to drop

me a comment or an email thank you