Pictographs and Bar Graphs

all right today our focus in math is

when you have something and you want to

know how much you have especially when

compared to how much you have of

something else and to do that we're

going to use a pictograph and a bar

graph to find exactly the amount we have

and how much there is compared to

something else


focus on is called a pictograph as it

sounds like pick is like picture and in

this case you can see we use pictures to

show how many things we have so right

there a pictograph is made up of

pictures now when you look at a

pictograph you're gonna see a couple

different things first off there's

always a title that tells you what this

pictograph is showing you number of

strawberries with each student you're

also going to see a list of things to

the side here showing how many things

each person has in this case it's people

in other cases it could be companies or

cities or really anything that might own

something or have something so in this

case we have Margaret Susan Maria and

Dorothy finally and this one's really

important you're gonna have a key and

that key is going to show you how much

each picture stands for so in this case

one strawberry stands for actually two

strawberries so whenever you see a

strawberry this actually counts as two

strawberries - strawberries two

strawberries just like that they're

knowing that if we looked at our list

let's look at Susan we have two

different strawberries one and two each

of those stands for two strawberries

so that means she has four strawberries

because each strawberry stands for two

same thing with Maria we've got three

here I know each one of them is worth

two because it says so down here so two

four six if I add all of those two

together so when you think of a

pictograph you have to think about what

are the pictures showing me how many are

there and what does each picture stand

for how many does it stand for

now next let's go to our bar graph

with a bar graph you're gonna find some

things that are similar and some things

that are different the similar things

are you have a title at the top and the

title tells you what we're looking for

and that's colors students wanted for

classroom on the side here now there's

something a little bit different with a

bar graph these are the numbers that

will count for how much somebody has two

four six eight ten sometimes it'll go up

by ones sometimes it'll go up by fives

but it's gonna go up in numbers now

unlike the pictograph at the bottom here

is where you're going to find the

different things that we'll be counting

in this case it's colors yellow blue

green and red now to find out how much

there is you need to look at both the

color green and then find out where the

bar graph goes to it stops right here

which goes all the way to the number

eight so when it says colors students

wanted for the classroom it's safe to

say that eight students because of over

here wanted to have green try the same

thing with red we go to red we find

where it ends draw that line over six

people wanted red now here's the more

difficult ones we'll talk about blue

blue ends here and it's not on a line so

that means it's between two and four

it's between two and four and what

number becomes between two and four well

that would have to be three so in this

case this bar graph is showing you how

much someone has and you have to look

over to see where the bar ends and what

number that would stand for