When and how to use a cool mist humidifier safely and effectively

I put a lot of cool mist humidifier Zahn

registry lists for my clients and

parents often ask me what is the

significance of a cool mist humidifier

so I'm here to break this down for you

and today I brought with me my little

owl this one is from Krane it's a cool

mist humidifier and I prefer these

because they are safer than the warm air

humidifier and also Crane's humidifiers

are really easy to keep clean and

bacteria free they also come in a

variety of really fun characters and

colors so you can pick one out that

works great for your nursery and makes

it fun to look at the reason why we want

to use a humidifier in our baby's

nursery during the fall and winter

months especially is because that's the

time of year when humidity is really low

in fact when we're heating our homes it

can get as low as 5% we want to raise

the humidity levels because baby's skin

can dry out really easily and if they

already have eczema that can worsen

their condition also in those fall in

winter months our babies can get colds

really easily this makes it really hard

for them to breathe and if the air is

not moist if it's not humidified then

their little nasal passages can dry up

and look like little prunes and make it

really hard for them to breathe

especially when they're asleep at night

we don't want to mess with that so crank

on your humidifier make sure it's away

from the corner of a room and away from

any walls to prevent any kind of mold or

anything like that optimum levels of

humidity in the air should be between 35

and 50 percent for perfect comfort for

the whole family

we want to make sure also that we don't

overdo it with humidity because over

humidified air can cause mold and

bacteria growth and if your baby has

allergies or asthma that can worsen

those conditions we also don't want to

encourage the mold and bacteria growth

into the walls or into the home like I

mentioned earlier so be careful to keep

it really moderate also another reason

for that is because bacteria love to

grow in really low levels of humidity

and really high levels of humidity so

keeping it stable is key

and finally make sure you clean your

baby's humidifier thoroughly and daily

use a little warm water and some

distilled white vinegar you can find

these in your local grocery store just

about anywhere and also when we're

filling your baby's humidifier use some

clean distilled water for each and every

use all right it's that simple thank you

for joining me

I'm Jenny June enjoy your baby