Is There A Best Time To Take Zinc - Clear Answer


hey guys it's dr. Sam Robbins team I'm

gonna talk about zinc I recently did a

video about zinc about how it helps

improve your testosterone levels the

good stuff free and total testosterone

levels law also decreasing negative

hormones such as DHT the hair loss

hormone lowering estrogen the man-boob

hormone improving thyroid levels which

helps burn metabolism you know increase

your metabolism burn fat and also even

helps lower your cortisol your stress

levels now in that video I got asked

repeatedly hey what is the best time to

take zinc I you know honestly it doesn't

matter doesn't matter if you take it

morning or night ideally you would take

it around food now it can be a little

bit before meal or after meal but you

know if you're going to do intermittent

fasting and not eat for like eight or

ten hours don't do it in the middle of

the day it should be somewhere around

food within the hour or something

because it is a trace mineral requires

food so it doesn't matter whether you

take it you know at morning or take it

at night sometimes in a multivitamin

it's already in there so you just take

it with food right in the morning you'll

take it you know sometimes for example I

have a product called stress in quarters

or relief it helps reduce stress

hormones and cortisol levels and all

that you typically take this maybe at

night to help reduce your stress

hormones this contains zinc so I take

this that night another product alpha


also contains zinc and the copper a note

there's a correct balance but this I

take in the morning it counts boost your

testosterone levels improves hormones

and all that and gives you a lot of

energy so this I wouldn't take a night

so again the point is it doesn't really

matter when you take it so just take it

and make sure it's balanced with both

zinc and copper now with that said

underneath this video there's a link to

that original video about improving your

hormone levels and which one's the best

form the pros and cons and how to take

it with the crank ratios the the

milligrams and so forth so maybe around

this video or definitely underneath in

the description area click and watch

that next video it's a great video it's

got popular and please leave your

questions and comments below let me know

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always thanks for watching thanks for


and have a happy and healthy day