What is the Best Time to Take Vitamins and Supplements?


I'm frequently asked what is the best

time of day to take your vitamins in

some cases hopefully that's

self-evidence you take nighttime our

product for sleep at night you take that

at night before you go to sleep or if

you work graveyard you might take it

before you go to sleep during the day

but but not but all kidding aside you

can take vitamins at the best time that

works for you and and what I mean by

that I typically take my vitamins with

breakfast and with lunch that for me

turns out to be the best time some I'll

take later in the day but for me first

of all many nutrients are best absorbed

in the presence of food in fact most

nutrients are best absorbed in the

presence of food if you think about how

our digestive system works our digestive

system is actually stimulated to absorb

vitamins and minerals when in the

presence of food why

because how do they usually come they

usually come with food so we want to

sort of prime our digestive system for

the absorption of these nutrients so

they're best taken with food

many companies tell you to take that

because they're vitamin tablets are so

difficult to digest and difficult to

absorb and so hard on the stomach that

you want to take it with an abundant

amount of food in the stomach they're

not the case of mine you could take a

handful of my capsules of an empty

stomach and they will not upset your

stomach at all they're designed to be

non acidic pH neutral they're going to

be delivering the nutrients you want

without any stomach or bastard problems

at all so what you want to do is make

sure that with certain kinds of

nutrients like vitamin D or coenzyme q10

for instance they are best absorbed in

the presence of fat it's impossible to

pretty much eat a meal without getting

some a little amount of fat which that's

all that's required or I often make sure

I take it I take my coq10 when I take my

omega-3 or when I take my gamma vitamin

E because those capsules obviously

contain fat

and that's the fat that will enhance the

absorption of the Co Q 10 coq10 in its

pure form as a powder there's no reason

to put Co Q 10 into an oil-based capsule

all you need to do is take in the food

and you're going to get optimum

absorption of that Co Q 2 and of course

you want to get your full be complex

with it that's why we make our Co Q 10

only available with a complex so best

time of day again depending on you when

you eat your largest meals or when your

meals might be B you divide them up

throughout the day things like

cholestacare or our choco Nouveau that

contains in the same

cholesterol-lowering ingredient you

obviously take that with meals because

it blocks cholesterol absorption it also

blocks bile reabsorption which in turn

lowers cholesterol as well so again most

of the things are pretty common-sense

I say take our fibermucil and best taken

with meals because it also enhances the

activity of cholestacare or choco

Nouveau and lowering cholesterol on its

own it helps to lower cholesterol and

taking it with food fiber is what comes

with food normally if you eat a healthy

diet unfortunately most of us as

Americans don't eat foods and diets

terribly rich in fiber so it enhances

the otherwise absent fiber from our diet

so it's always good to get 1 to 3

capsules of fibermucil with a meal so as

you go down the list multivitamins

always best to be taken with your

largest meal of the day it's pretty easy

to figure it out I'm thinking in my head

of the different whether it's essential

1 or Omega 3s or coq10 nighttime take at

night certain products if you're taking

valerian to relax you during the day you

could take that in it on an empty

stomach they're all pretty much

self-evident are there multivitamins or

nutrients or ingredients that conflict

with one another if you take them

together not at all so it doesn't matter

I often take a handful of capsules at

breakfast and a small handful of


maybe a few capsules at dinner so I

divide them up as it works for me just

listen to your body you also have to pay

attention to your doctor some might say

that some of these nutrients might

conflict with medication you're taking

generally not the case that I tend to

encourage everyone to separate their

medications from their supplements now

standing the fact that my supplements

are all nutrients and food based we

don't make any supplements masquerading

as drugs or with drug claims but I still

like to separate the myelin so that's

the and in terms of cholestacare

choconuvo of course take it within an

hour of starting your meal or take it

within an hour or so of finishing your

meal because it will still be in your

stomach and that's I think that a basic

thumbnail sketch of when to take your

vitamins but there's no hard and fast

rule as I say the most important thing

is to listen to your body and if there

was a specific caution or instruction or

recommendation that you had to take it

away from something you would be reading

it on the label under the suggested use

I would make sure because I also write

those labels I would make sure it was

written on the label