When Magnesium should be taken

question one is from Robert and he

Robert has just started exercising at 45

so props to you Robert for doing that

and also props that 45 especially our

friends down at Brunswick East he's

asking his good magnesium's good and

when he should be taking his magnesium

so magnesium the best of all

congratulations Robert or getting into

the exercise that's so awesome man so

willing to exercise we deplete our

bodies and natural levels of magnesium

because magnesium is pulled to the

muscles to be used is pulled to other

parts of the body magnesium is involved

in the synthesis of is involving

cellular energy production as well so

while you're working out you're

depleting all you know your body's

working overtime and your body's having

to use magnesium a little bit more than

normal and that's what can link to some

of the effects of tightness muscle

soreness and the general energy as in

some people cramping as well you know

you get the cramping because magnesium

is electrolyte and if you're exercising

foolishly you're gonna have some

electrolyte imbalance if you're not

supplementing during your workouts with

some electrolytes as well so hopefully

that gives a little bit of background

into why magnesium cause you know why

magnesium is important and why you're

getting this these muscle fatigue issues

when you're working out and the other

thing I've got to mention is you know

your your body's when you're working out

demanding more oxygen and when it gets

back to its regular state you know it

just sucks a bit a little bit so

magnesium is really good at relaxing the

muscles replenishing the magnesium that

your body has lost to during exercise so

they can just function as it allows the

cells to function in a regular state it

helps the muscles to relax helps your

cells and energy levels to get those

back up as well it helps blood circulate

around the body and generally makes it

feel really good so magnesium really

important that you take it after your

workout so Robert make sure you do that

so properly after your workout and just

to replenish with it quickly I would

also encourage you to take magnesium

have a second dose before you go to bed

because it just helps you recover really

quickly and it helps at night time so

I'm assuming Robert pick you're working

you're working out in the morning you

can do magnesium post-workout then and

then do another dose before you go to

bed if you happen to be working out in

the evening then you would just say that

those particular you go to bed and I

would encourage you to do another dose

of magnesium in the morning as well so

always trying to get get it twice a day

magnesium always loved to get through

through so my favorite sources of

magnesium are pumpkin seeds roasted

almonds and Brazil nuts but

unfortunately that's a good synergistic

way you're not going to get magnesium in

your diet you know I'm going to get the

massive amounts of magnesium that you

need to post-workout so find a good

supplement which has got the right forms

of magnesium so having the magnesium in

the right form is really important that

allows it to absorb quickly into your

body and get to work a lot quicker so

Robin go and see your pharmacist or come

in and see us and we can recommend a

brand of magnesium that's suitable for

you and what you're you know what you're

going through post-workout you might

need a formulation with other bits and

pieces in there but we can help you to

show another one magnesium for you

Robert thank you quick question