3 Types of Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins Review

hey what's up everybody welcome back to

my channel today I'm gonna be doing a

review on three different hair skin and

nail vitamins that I've tried first

thing I wanna say is all three of these

products I did buy with my own money so

this is not a sponsored video and in my

reviews I'm gonna give you guys my

honest opinion nothing more nothing less

so with that being said let's go ahead

and get started

okay so the first one I want to talk

about is nature's bounty hair skin and

nail gummies these are strawberry

flavored and you get about 90 gummies in

each bottle these are good for those who

don't like taking pills the serving size

is two daily and you're supposed to take

them with the meal

thus melodies are not as bad but they're

definitely not the worst okay so my

experience with taking these is the

first month I did notice some growth but

not as much as I've noticed with like

other brands that I've took in now when

I first started taking them like the

taste wasn't as bad you know but like

throughout time like the taste it just

started like not agreeing with me that's

just you know for me but overall they're

okay but you know I'm gonna go ahead and

get these to my sister because the due

date on them isn't out yet and so I just

didn't want to throw them away

so she's gonna try them see how she like

them so you know hopefully she'll get

more you know out of them than I did so

yeah okay so the next pills are the

Spring Valley hair skin and nail brand

you get 120 capsules in each bottle and

you're supposed to take three of them

daily you're supposed to take three of

them daily with the meal now I know this

like on the back of them compared to the

other brands these have more supplements

and you know ingredients in them than

the other ones now I'll be straight up

with the smella Dee's they stank they

smell just like cabbage the smell big

days like smell the worst out of the

other brands of vitamins that I've tried

so my experience with taking these is um

actually this is my second bottle of

these hair skin and nail vitamin brand

with these I've seen

most results in my hair growth my hair

grew faster it done exactly what it was

supposed to do these are really good

this is some of the problems about these

these are really good with you know

doing what it says it's gonna do now the

things I didn't like about these pills

is for one of course you know if your

hair is growing at the top of your head

really fast

and good hair everywhere he's gonna grow

really fast and good so I found myself

shaving more you know than usual but one

of the most things that irritated me

about these pills was I noticed that it

said on the body you supposed to take 3

a day but I only took one you know so

that lets you know that you know even

with me taking you know just one pill I

still got results that I need but the

only thing I really didn't like it's

like right after I took one of these

vitamins I had the number 2 like every

single freaking time and I don't know if

anybody else had that um side effect

with techiniques but it was I mean I

have to take these pills at home I

didn't wanna be out no we're trying to

take you know these pills over in the

body house because I knew right after I

was gonna have to do you know number two

but not only that like it it smelled

terrible I got a lot it it smelled

really bad and so I have to kind of slow

down on even though I was getting growth

you know when I was at home I was like

yeah you know I said I take him on at

home but you know going to you know

especially public bathrooms no ma'am I

was nothing to be in a public bathroom

stanking up that bath row and now you're

like using public bathrooms anyway so um

you know I have to kind of just you know

take these while I was at home and you

know kind of do it like that but overall

these absolutely get the job done for me

if you had any other side effects or you

know you experienced what I've

experienced by taking these hapless

please leave me a comment down below and

let me know but these are place ok so

last but not least this is from a brand

called applied nutrition and it's longer

stronger hair skin and nail vitamins

you're supposed to take two daily and

there are about how many is it you get

60 of the capsules in each bottle and

I'm a ticket I

to kind of look at it now I've only been

using these for two weeks now on the

bottle it doesn't um it doesn't say if

you have to take it with the mill or not

but I just chose to taken with the mill

because sometimes when I take vitamins

without it kind of makes me feel sick a

little bit so I just went ahead and just

you know take them with the mill you

know whenever I choose to take them the

smell of them is not bad as something

that I can actually deal with so for my

experience with taking these pills I

only been taking them for two weeks so

I'm gonna have to give you guys an

update to kind of you know take them for

at least a month to kind of really let

you know you know how they affected my

body but there are a few things I have

noticed within the two weeks of me

taking them but like I said I'll update

you guys when I've been taking them for

a month so I can just give you more

details but um some things that I've

noticed so far um when I started taking

them I took them two weeks before my

ministry and usually my ministers last

at least like up to six days but for

some reason my mini-strokes stopped at

day three and that's not normal my

menstrual doesn't you know normally stop

like that and I don't know if that's one

of the side effects of me taking these

vitamins but you know like I said it's

out of the norm and it didn't you know

happen until I started taking these

vitamins so like I said I'll keep you

guys updated about that and the good

thing is that when I took these I didn't

have to number two like I you know deal

with the other ones so um you know will

I just like I said I'll come back and

I'll update you guys on the last one but

as far as all of these right now if

you're looking for one that's gonna be

guaranteed to give you a reduction eight

I recommend these but you know that's

just me but all right you guys that's

like my take on these three vitamins you

know if you have some other brands that

you tried that you know we're really

good please let me know because I'm you

know want to kind of try some other

things just to kind of see how they work

whatever but um hopefully this video

helps somebody and I will talk to you

guys later bye