Debunking the health myths surrounding apple cider vinegar

now to cracking the code nutrition

edition this morning we're taking a look

at the popular apple cider vinegar trend

mark you have a copper here to break it

all down hey George good morning this is

a really popular trend a lot of people

drinking vinegar yes

vinegar for an added health boost

leaving it in out with everything from

blood pressure to weight loss but will

this apple a day really keep the doctor

away Cindy my is a surf instructor and a

private trainer not to mention an avid

fan of apple cider vinegar she drinks a

tablespoon daily and uses it to strip

her hair of salt and sweat after surfing

it's something to get my metabolism

going in the morning but it also makes

me feel good and you know in places

coffee apple cider vinegar which is

basically fermented apple juice has a

long history as a home remedy and has

recently had a rebirth with enthusiasts

using it for everything from acid reflux

to lowering blood pressure it's got so

many diverse uses some believe the fiber

rich pectin from the vinegars apple base

helps with weight loss by making you

feel fuller others say it has healing

compounds like potassium and probiotics

is it really helpful

there are so many claims but at the end

of the day it's not a magical elixir

nutrition is Kelly Hogan says most of

these vinegar claims have never been

studied although there is limited

evidence that apple cider vinegar could

improve glucose control and diabetes but

people who drink it need to be careful

the downsides to apple cider vinegar are

it's really acidic especially if you

consume it in its concentrated form

large doses can interfere with

medication absorption or cause low

potassium levels but in smaller amounts

it is considered pretty safe Cindy

puts it in a smoothie I don't taste it

when I make my smoothie when I don't

have time to make my smoothie I just put

it in regular water it's just something

you get used to because when you dilute

it in water it's a little sour but not a

big deal

although it depends on who you're asking

it's an acquired taste it's not for

everybody well again you know this isn't

a cure-all for everything but in small

doses apple cider vinegar hasn't been

proven to do much harm so if you're

looking to get those probiotic health

benefits but you aren't too keen on the

taste like the girl that we just saw on

the piece there are so many other ways

that you can get it in you can put it in

soups you can put it in salad dressings

marinades you can even make like a

little tea like we have here so you just

take a spoon put a spoonful in here a

little bit of lemon a little bit of

honey hot water it's just a nice fresh

crisp way to start your day a lot of

good advice there Amana thanks very much

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