WHEN TO TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST / Best Time to Take a Pregnancy Test

if you are on your TTC or trying to

conceive journey and you're in the midst

of your two-week wait or tww you might

be approaching the time when you would

want to take a pregnancy test but the

question is when should you take a

pregnancy test if you want to learn more

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okay okay first and foremost let's talk

generally about urine pregnancy tests or

you pts there are two types of pregnancy

tests one is a blood test which we're

not talking about today today we're

talking about urine pregnancy test so

these tests you can actually take it

home so they're the kind you can buy at

the drugstore at the grocery store or

online like on Amazon or whatever and

then you can also have this done at your

doctor's office or in the emergency room

if you happen there and they do urine

tests there as well there are a couple

of different types of you pts or your

own pregnancy tests some you have to pee

into a cup

and then dip the stick in or you you

have a little syringe and you have to

draw it up and place it on this spot on

the plate this is definitely not a video

on how to take a pregnancy test because

a lot of them are so different and then

of course there's the midstream catch

versions of the pregnancy test where

it's literally just you're going to the

bathroom and you put it under your urine

stream for however long the test tells

you to in the instructions but

regardless of what test you're taking

they're all measuring for the same thing

they're looking at HCG so they're seeing

if HCG is present and this starts being

rapidly produced right after

implantation occurs I have a couple of

videos out specifically about

implantation so I talked about

implantation bleeding implantation

spotting implantation cramping and then

just symptoms of implantation so make

sure to hop over to those and take a

look because those are jam-packed full

of information that's so good to know if

you're on your TTC journey let's get

down to the real question here when to

take a pregnancy test this is a quote

from health line calm

it says you should wait to take a

pregnancy test until the week after your

missed period for the most accurate

result if you don't want to wait until

you've missed your period you should

wait at least one to two weeks after you

have had sex if you are pregnant your

body needs time to develop detectable

levels of HCG this typically takes seven

to twelve days after successful

implantation of an egg so again that's

from health line calm that link will be

in the description box below basically

the general recommendation is you should

wait until after you've missed your

period which is what this says at the

beginning and there's a few reasons for

this you want to number one is avoid a

false negative so you you know if you're

on your TTC journey and you've been

doing this for a while you may be test

really early and then you get a negative

but you know that you're not due to

start your period for a while so that

could technically be a false negative

because HCG isn't high enough in your

system for the test to detect it so

something that's key that I want to

point out is that not all tests are

created equal and I'm talking about you

PT's some tests can detect lower levels

of HCG and then other tests meaning that

they're a little bit more sensitive and

than other tests which means you could

get a positive earlier on than these

other tests a higher the sensitivity of

the test the earlier you could

potentially get your positive if you did

implant so timing of testing is not only

impacted by whatever level you're at

that day but it also depends on the

sensitivity of the test that you're

using another note and this is also from

health line comm is that women actually

already have a baseline level of HCG

meaning you even if you're not pregnant

you still have a very small level of HCG

now it's really small compared to like

when you're pregnant and as you progress

but it's still there helping calm says

normal HCG levels in non pregnant women

are less than ten if for you your

baseline is seven I don't know I'm just

throwing it out there but someone else's

baseline is two or three it's going to

take that person

time to develop enough HCG to be

detected by the same exact test as this

person if that makes sense basically you

have less starting out so it takes you a

little longer to get to that threshold

or that level that it's looking for I'm

going to be doing an entire video on

comparing pregnancy tests and talking

about sensitivity and things like that

so the different types of tests sumit

drugstore some on amazon so again hit

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I'll definitely tie into some of this

information question for you guys if you

are on your TTC journey or if you are

considering testing here soon what kind

of a tester are you do you wait until

after your missed period do you wait

until the day your periods due or do you

test early let me know in the comments

you can be as detailed as you'd like I'd

love to hear what your approaches and

and what's worked for you maybe in the

past please share your thoughts and

experiences with us so a few tips on how

to know when to take a pregnancy test my

first tip is to know when you ovulate it

now I've done videos on ovulation and

how to tell when you're ovulating that

is key information not only just for

pregnancy and trying to determine if

you're pregnant it's also key just for

your general health I think every woman

can benefit from knowing her cycle

knowing how her body works and when she

can expect her period in general and

just finding out your own pattern so go

back and take a look at that video and

start getting to know your body but the

reason why this is important in relation

to when to take a pregnancy test and how

to tell if you're pregnant and all of

that good stuff is that if you know when

you ovulated then you can generally

assume that if you are pregnant if it's

going to implant that this would take

place about six to twelve days generally

after this occurs after ovulation the

estimated length of time

implantation in relation to ovulation is

different depending on who you talk to

but generally speaking six to twelve

days after ovulation is when you can

expect that to occur if it's going to

occur meaning if you know when you

ovulate it you can generally assume six

to twelve days later you might implant

which means you can pay attention for

those signs and you can look back and

say hey the timing of this is right

because I know when I ovulate it my next

tip which goes right along with knowing

when you ovulate is knowing when you

implant it now there's no first sure way

to know exactly when you implanted at

least from home but sometimes our bodies

can give us clues and as mentioned

earlier I've done videos on implantation

bleeding implantation spotting

implantation cramping which can all

occur around the time you implant those

can be really really great signs for

that it's just important to know your

body if you know you're normal and what

you typically experience within your

cycle maybe you know like if you are in

the week before your period is going to

start typically you experience these

symptoms I'm bloated I'm nauseous

whatever it is and if if you experience

something a little bit different than

that then that could potentially be a

sign of pregnancy I talk about that a

lot in my early signs of pregnancy

videos I have two of those one is my

personal early science and the other is

just talking about 20 different early

signs you could experience so check

those out as well but let's say you know

when you ovulate it since we talked

about earlier and then you start seeing

like implantation signs such as maybe

you have implantation cramping that your

cramping and you don't normally have

cramping at that time or something like

that if you start to notice those

implantation signs the earliest a

pregnancy test

would be effective is about three to

four days after that so basically if you

know this information then you can kind

of like backtrack and say

here's how many days it's been since I

implanted which means I could

potentially get a positive result today

again depends on the sensitivity of the

test some tests are more sensitive than

others but it's generally speaking

knowing those dates is going to help you

in determining if it's possible to get a

positive on that day ultimately though

what this comes down to is mother nature

is going to take its course

regardless of if you take a pregnancy

test or not so my advice to you is that

you don't let too little lines on a


determine how the rest of your day or

week or month is going to go my hope is

that that's not a discouraging statement

but that's more of an encouragement

saying you know what even if I don't

take this test whatever is going to

happen is going to happen so for the

sake of avoiding a possible false

negative and really for your sanity most

professionals recommend waiting until

after you've missed your period I hope

for you that you get your BFP if that is

the journey you are on comment below

your thoughts and if you learned

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community of women that are going

through similar things I would also love

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or if there's something you just dislike

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