This Is The Best Time Of Year To Plant Your Garden

they say that the planet garden is to

believe in the future and that makes

this the best time of year to plant a

garden you might be watching this who

knows in June July right now it is April

3rd and what I'm doing here is I'm

finishing the last of our cold weather

hearty vegetables these are beets as you

can see a few weeks ago we made a video

of us building our raised bed garden and

everything is now complete the raised

bed garden is complete and it's finally

planted so I just wanted to cover up

these beets I'm going to mark them right

here great for people with high blood

pressure people who have heart disease

running in the family this helps unclog

arteries and listen folks as of this

recording it's the 1st of April and in

March we made a video about what

vegetables to plant in March we want to

do the same thing for April but it's

pretty much the same thing until after

the last frost which is generally

towards the end of April but now listen

you've heard it said don't wait to buy

real estate buy real estate and wait

right well that's a sales pitch we all

know all asset classes go up and down

and in the 90s they said stocks never go

down well we saw that they do and in the

turn of the century they said real

estate never goes down and we saw that

it does this is not a sales pitch don't

wait to plant your vegetables plant your

vegetables and wait ok now just be

mindful of what you're planning we still

haven't had our last frost so we want to

plant vegetables whose fruits or

vegetables the part we eat is either

below or slightly at or at ground level

ok so we've got our beets I can't have

my seven-year-old son made these little

signs this is kale planting kale the

edible parts right at ground level

ground level spinach

this kid right over here on this lettuce

case we planted our lettuce okay and

this was all in our raised bed garden

you can scroll down through our channel

and see how to build these as you can

see we used existing materials we had

laying around in storage cinder blocks

and we had some two by eights here you

want to make sure your raised bed is at

least six inches up off of the surface

level because your roots will average at

least six feet in depth but they might

get a little deeper but six six inches

is the least amount you want to give

them okay now Pete the raccoon or pit

the raccoon is my wife calls him with

her Filipina accent has been laying

waste to our compost bin so we're going

to have to do something about that but

now over here we did the duggle double

dig tilling method which we made a video

of that you can scroll down through our

Channel and see that but we had a couple

more vegetables we wanted to put out

this says carrots and seven year old

little boy handwriting and over here it

says radish and little boy handwriting

okay so folks if you're watching this

video and you're watching it now as it's

new or if you're watching an April of

whatever year 2023 it doesn't matter

don't wait okay if you're waiting until

May or June to get out there and start

your garden you're going to be

overwhelmed even if you just go outside

today and till up the soil so that you

can start planting maybe you want to

plant corn okra eggplant things that

grow above ground know we've started

those in our house here for ourselves

but if you want to wait and start

directly in the ground outside next

month fine but go out until up your soil

now to get it ready okay because the

planted garden is to believe in the

future and if you want to see believing

in a long term future let me show you

what we got going on over here this is

our oak tree farm this we planted five

thousand eight corns in here last fall

and we had a couple days of warm weather

here last week and a lot of them are

starting to come up maybe most of them

won't but enough of them will door will

probably get a few hundred oak tree

starters out of there

we'll be able to grow it takes an oak

tree about five years to reach five feet

tall at which point average retail price

if you buy them in the stores $100 we're

going to sell ours for 50 now folks

that's believing in the future you

believe in the future too I want you to

get out there get motivated go double

dig till your soil in the least or go

ahead and build yourself a raised bed

garden so that you can get in there

easily you know make sure you keep them

not not too wide we put a little walk

pass through ours so that my wife with

her short Filipino arms can get in there

and work the soil and the vegetables

from all sides okay she loves doing this

so like I've said in other videos people

always say well I'm going to do this I'm

going to do that I'm going to do this

next month or next year I always like to

ask the question when would now be a

good time now is always the best time

okay don't wait till next month to

believe in the future believe in the

future now by going out and doing

anything in your garden even if just

towing up soil okay and if this

motivated you to get outside and do

something leave a comment in the comment

section saying I garden today because I

watch this video but don't do it before

you get out and garden because you might

change your mind

after you've gone out and garden come

back in comment on here

hi garden today because I watched this

video I believe in the future and the

best time to do anything I want to do is

now okay and also please subscribe to

our Channel and we'll see you next time

with another video from homesteading off

the grid