When And How To Prune A Rose Bush

hello welcome to another video from

homesteading off-the-grid today we're

going to show you how to properly prune

a rosebush a lot of people wonder when

is the best time of year to prune a

rosebush the answer is you can prune

your rosebush basically any time of year

but the best time of year is early

spring late winter just as it starts to

show new growth for the year if you'll

come a little closer I'm gonna show you

what I'm talking about

okay you see these buds okay it is uh

it's late February spring is not here

yet on the calendar but the rose bush is

letting us know that spring is very

quickly on the way and it's ready to

start growing so pay attention to your

plants not the calendar man is wrong

from time to time mother nature rarely

is so this is when we want to get

started and I want to point out a couple

things before we show you how you

actually do it number one safety you see

I have gloves and you see that I'm

wearing long sleeves as you know rose

bushes have lots of thorns like poison

said back in the 80s every rose has a


well this rosebush has a lot of fawns

and you might want to wear safety

glasses because I mean I've been out

here pruning bushes and trees and

working in the woods clearing the wood

line pulling grapevines down and just

unexpectedly something will hit me in

the face there's been a couple times

that these safety glasses have saved my

vision so come a little closer and we're

gonna point something else out to you

you notice now this is for the health of

the rosebush my pruning shears are clean

there's no rust they're not dirty you've

got to make sure that your pruning

shears are clean and rust free because

you can actually damage your bushes when

you clip if you have rust on here and

you don't want to do that especially I

mean this bush is probably thirty years

old so we don't want to kill it because

we're being too lazy to clean our our

tools so there are several things

there's more than one way to prune a

rosebush it all depends upon what you


the best roses are going to come from

the new growth so you want to basically

clip away all of the old growth from

last year they'll still bloom but if you

get new growth you're gonna have a lot

more roses and the more air that can get

into your bush the more blooms you're

gonna get so if you look over here we're

gonna go back there are two schools of

thoughts on this or rather there are two

ways you can do it a lot of people will

find about a very healthy bud and

they'll clip just behind it because they

know for sure that there's life and in

in vibrant growth coming up through this

point so they click just behind it to

make sure that they capture that

vibrancy now a lot of people will find a

bud and they'll clip after the bud like

this okay

this is this is also correct now the

main thing you want to look for in here

is life part of the reason people clip

in front of the bud is because they want

to make sure they capture life if you

clip after the bud and you see that

there is no dead portion here then

you're fine okay but if you were to clip

that let's say we clipped it in half of

this was dead then you could always just

go like this just clip it down again

beneath the bud so you make sure you're

capturing the vibrant growth now it's

obvious on this one that there's some

death up here right here this these dead

looking thorns might just be a result of

dormancy but as a precaution we're gonna

go down below where it looks dead and as

you can see it's full of life so that

was a good clipping right there now a

lot of folks talk about the angle of the

clip if you'll notice I'm not clipping

straight like that and the reason why is

because a very marginal amount of water

when it rains can actually stay rested

on that flat surface and that can lead

to molding mildew and the death of that

portion of your plant so if you clip it

at an angle like that

the rainwater will run right off and

that helps protect your plan

now I just showed you some simple ways

to to make some clips and basically I

included all the necessary information

that you need to know now from here it's

up to you if you have a small rosebush

it's only a couple of three years old

it's relatively simple what you want to

do is you want to make sure to cut it in

the form clip it in the form of a vase

for thought with a hollow each Center

you don't want to have any stems

crossing like right here if you focus in

on this you'll see that these stems are

crossing that reduces the amount of

aeration go ahead and clip them so that

they're not crossing okay same thing

here now as I mentioned before our

rosebush is nearly thirty years old we

bought this house from a lady who is

nearing 90 years old now

and she used it as a rental property for

the last 20 years that she owned it she

moved to a different part of the state

she finally got tired of renting and she

was getting older so she sold it and we

were fortunate enough to buy it from her

but I spent some time chatting with her

a little bit online after the sale went

through and she told me quite a bit

about this property's past and she

mentioned that she planted this in the

80s so my wife was born in 87 so she's

30 she's filming this video she didn't

want to be in it but she scroll down

through all of our videos you'll see her

and plenty of others

beautiful Filipino girl she thinks she's

ugly so go watch her and some of our

other videos and company hey you're not

ugly you're just crazy for thinking you

are but anyway this rose bush is older

than my wife so we were here the last

two summers and it makes beautiful

bushes so we are not going to clip it

down pass the portion of this old-growth

but now if you have an old Bush and you

want to clip it down past that you're

gonna need something bigger okay you're

gonna need these because shears I just

had aren't going to cut it and you would

do it the same way you would come down

and cut at an angle now I'm not gonna do


because you remember at the beginning of

the video I mentioned make sure there's

no rust or dirt these have been in

storage on winter we've not been burning

or sharing anything now before I would

I'm gonna take my file and clean that

off make it nice and sharp and probably

Gries this up and lube it up so it works

more efficiently but I'm not gonna show

you what not to do by actually making a

cut here with rusty shears but you would

just come back down

and cut it at an angle same way you

would with the stems okay so from this

point all of this growth is from last

year I'm gonna come down as close to the

main stem as I can now I try to pile

these up in a in one location to make it

easier to clean up when I'm finished so

I'm not gonna just throw them everywhere

so I'm clipping clipping just I'm coming

all the way down to the main beams the

main stems here's one and I'm clipping

at that roughly 45 degree angle so that

the rain won't stay there and cause

mildew or mold and damage my plant now

you know a lot of people have fears

associated with clipping their rose

bushes because they're afraid you're

going to clip off too much and they're

hesitant to do it well the thing is if

you if you don't do this you're gonna

get a long gangly leggy looking plant

it's still gonna be beautiful all rose

bushes and plants are beautiful but if

you want a healthier looking more robust

stocky bulky outrageously blooming rose

bush then you need to do this and I'll

point out here while I'm doing this we

don't just do this when the new growth

is screaming to us hey spring is on the

way ready or not here I come we'll do

this a couple well maybe three more

times throughout the year after the

first bloom the roses will come out they

bud they're beautiful but then they'll

start to die and the leaves will start

to fall off and you'll start to see new

buds forming that probably happens in

late July I'll come in here at that time

and I'll do this again and then we get

another beautiful bloom during Indian

summer and those roses will stay on due

to the cooling temperatures around that

time of year especially at night they'll

stay on through the fall so by doing

that second clipping which will probably

record and show you here later in the

year you get a second robust bloom

you can do one in the middle of the

summer and actually get three blooms a

year if you want but it's so beautiful

in October when all the the leaves are

on the trees and we have a lot of Autumn

Blaze maples here so you've got the red

maple leaves you've got the yellow tulip

poplar leaves and then you've got these

beautiful pinkish reddish roses right

here to add to all the fall coloring

whereas most people if they don't do

those secondary and tertiary clippings

like this in the summer middle of summer

and Indian summer they don't have that

the roses bloom they die they fall off

I'm sure their yards still beautiful in

the fall I'm gonna go down further on

this one that way it'll be more robust

but basically I've shown you all you

pretty much need to to know so we're

gonna wrap this thing up here see good

thing I have that shirt on cuz that

could have been my skin we're gonna wrap

up to do the rest we won't take up your

time but I want to show you oh here's

one more thing I can point out to you

before I do though this stem is

completely dead you might get a better

angle of it from over here honey but

it's completely dead so I'm gonna

completely cut that off boom okay

because that is gonna do you no good so

when you do find completely dead stems

make sure you get rid of them all the

way down to the base but basically I

want to show you this if you can scroll

back to the beginning of the video

you'll see that this was all like a

bushy hedge it was like a jungle

well now it's open and it's clear giving

it the plant all of this air and all of

this space is just gonna allow it to

grow so much better so much more robust

and we're gonna do the same thing on the

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