The Best Time to Prune Apple Trees


the best time to prune apple trees

apple trees should be pruned every year

not only to keep their shape but also to

achieve a high-yield unproductive and

unhealthy branches just use up the

energy that could go into fruit



dormant pruning dormant pruning is done

during the winter as late as possible to

avoid damage that harsh conditions could

cause in the spring the apple tree will

use a lot of its energy by regenerating

new growth this reduces the energy that

would otherwise go into producing fruit


some are pruning summer pruning should

be done after budding but before the end

of July so that healing can take place

before the harshest periods of winter

summer pruning should be used only for

thinning as the removal of branches also

removes the trees ability to produce

food tree training

retraining incorporate summer in dormant

pruning along with training the growth

of the young tree so that it needs less

cleaning as it matures and can be more