Q&A - When is the best time to plant strawberries?

When is the best time to plant strawberries for next year?

What y'all think about that one?

- Hmm.

- Hmm.

- Pretty quick.

- If you want strawberries really bearing for next year, the time would be now.

- You can be going even into October and it'll be okay, September and October are really


- But if they haven't ordered them yet, things like that.

- And that's, I know you can go matted row, and even with matted row you can plant 'em

in the fall, and the spring, or the spring, but if you plant 'em this fall and you may

have to do a little frost protection and cover 'em up a little bit, but man, you will have

some nice strawberries.

- So it would be good if you got 'em in the ground already.

- Yeah for May.

- Or at least on the way.

- On the way, right, right.

- Definitely be thinking about preparing that ground, and getting ready there.

- Get the pH right.

- Yeah.

- But you're right about the frost damage, I forgot all about it.

- But they harden, you let 'em harden off, you don't have to protect 'em all winter long.

When you get ready, what does it take, 30 days from bloom to ripe fruit, so whenever

you just decide you wanna start eating strawberries, if you back up 30 days, and then you start

protecting 'em next spring.

- And of course with the fall establishment, you'll need to be more careful of moisture

and things like that getting 'em in well.

- Be nice to have some drip irrigation, be real nice to be able to irrigate, 'cause October's

normally our driest month, so if you have a way to irrigate a little bit, that would

be good.