Best Time to Plant Roses

Hey, it's Jason here for Fraser Valley Rose farm today

I wanted to try to answer the question about what's the right time of year to plant a roses and

The first answer to that question or the most obvious answer is spring

Spring is a great time of year to plant your roses because it's when you'll find most of the roses in the garden center

also if you order mail-order

Bare-root roses. That's when they'll most likely arrive

You'll find that your soil is nice and cool and moist. So it's a good time to establish your roses

Early in the season so they'll be ready for the summer heat and drought

So the first answer is really easy. After that it gets a little more complicated

So let's go into the next season that people commonly recommend to plant your roses

Which is fall and I think that answer depends a little bit on

What kind of a climate you live in. Here in the Fraser Valley we have a pretty mild climate going into the fall

So it's the first week of October now, you can see on my benches here. These are all my cuttings for the year

They're all getting ready to overwinter in my greenhouses, but they still have some growing time to do

Here in October the days are still shortening now, but we've still got another month

before they really shut down and that's true of roses that you would plant in your in your

landscape as well

If you plant a root rose or an own root rose into the garden now

It would have a little bit of time to get ready for the winter and I will say one other thing

Which is that own-root roses have a bit of an advantage in this regard

So let's say you ordered away and you got bare root dormant roses coming in from Ontario or from some other place where they produce

bare-root roses and

You put that into the ground now you dig a big hole you put the bare root rose in and you snug it in for

The winter, it has to basically start from a dead stop. It's a dormant now and

For it to establish any roots

It has to overcome that dormancy and it's going to take a little bit of time to do so

This is an own-root rose and I guess I'm biased in a way because own-root

roses is all that I produce here, but you know, I have to be fair:

Bare-root roses have their advantages but in regards to fall planting, I think own root roses have the the clear advantage

You can see, this is Belinda's Dream by the way, that this rose here is an active growth and

If you look at the roots here


Mean just white roots

covering out all the way to the outside of the the pot if you put this into the ground now and you still have some

Growing time before the winter, this will establish just fine. It has a really good chance of making it through the winter

Whereas a bare root rose is a little bit harder to predict in that way

So what about winter? actually: No

I'll strike that one off unless you have like an exceptionally mild winter

You really want some rooting time before winter. if you got a rose late and tried to stick it in the ground

right on the verge of when it's going to have frost heaving and

heavy winds and cold


You're just going to do no good for that rose. probably your better bet then would be to pot it up into a pot

And overwinter it in your greenhouse or overwinter it in a more sheltered location

Not that everybody has a greenhouse. So the last season I'll cover here is summer and

Often times it's sort of like that time when I get a lot of resistance from my customers who say "I don't want to

Plant in the summer because then I'll have to do all sorts of watering" and it's the wrong time of year

they've been told to plant a rose. I think

planting in summer is a little bit like the question of

whether you should have kids before your

Financially established: if everybody waited until the right time

Maybe nobody ever would. with roses going into the summer

There are customers who

Don't have time in the spring and might not have time in the fall. I have several customers who are teachers for instance

Who are very busy in the spring and fall

But summer might be their their time to put roses in the ground and it's really not a bad time

But it's true: You do have to take care of the watering

So if you have an automatic watering system or drippers that takes care of that problem straight away

Otherwise, you have to take some more hand watering

But again, the temperatures of summer are are tricky but plenty warm enough for root establishment

And if you can take care of the watering, it's really not a bad time to put roses into the ground

So those are my answers

Spring: an absolute yes.

Summer: Yes,

If you can take care of the watering. Fall: if you're in a mild climate

And you can get to it early enough and not press too close to the edge of winter

Winter: Unless you in a really mild climate

My answer would be, I recommend no. If you have any questions about this video, please leave them in the comments below