What To Expect - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Our First Trip)🇦🇷

we apologize if this video seems to be a

bit out of place considering the current

situation and traveling being far from

the most important thing at the moment

but we have a lot of good memories to

share and we think a lot of people seek

distraction so we hope this video can be

that and we hope you all stay very safe


it's our first time in Argentina and

this is actually our first full day

other than the mishap of setting

everything up getting a SIM card and

kind of settling in yesterday all right

so right now we are walking to the

subway station that is one good thing

that I love about a city so you can

easily go around by but it's subway


somewhere safe yeah

I need to go to the nation the rho1

sunspot I think so just watch six blocks

she's basically telling us to save the

money don't bother to take the subway

I mean I want to try taking something -

it's pretty but now it's one-stop like

for box

is the seven-minute walk

so the main area we're staying and it's

called recoleta it's a really common

area to stay for tourists it's like

considered one of the higher-end

areas of the city it's basically like

being in the u.s. it's literally just as

clean the service is if not better than

the u.s. it's really a nice area to stay

in and you can stay in in Airbnb for

around 150 to 160 a week and that's

would like a 3% weekly discount from

Airbnb and if you're not gonna stay with

Airbnb I'm not too sure on the price

exactly that's what we have done on a

second years I've traveled 30

try to make sure that we're not gonna

pay for just because accommodation is

cheap but if we have to pay more like

about ten US dollar more per night it's

worth it five dollars more per night but

it's neat in the city center that we can

walk around anywhere easily then we go

for that it's just easier and more

convenient when it comes to actually

getting things done and doing things it

saves you a lot of time they still

restrains us the security guard you are

awesome I've never seen anything like

that I thought it was like a like a

billboard at first I was like wait he's

moving and like his eyes aren't like

doing the same thing like they're

changing and I got really paid attention

and then he started waving at us who am

i blowing this is my first time seeing

something is it seen that in the US I

haven't seen this street food here yet

neither have I and actually this market

that we're going to when I was reading

reviews on it they said there wasn't any

street food here either so we might end

up hitting like some sort of restaurant

that we can find some local food in

banana and try some from some local

delicacies tonight it's an empanada

that's a big thing in attempting had or

I think I didn't that is the birthplace

of empanada right but what I know is

that they are they have such a good

steak like they are well known for the

steak and wine cheap wine - $1 for

butter if you guys love like it doesn't

taste bad either it's good

we have them last night it's surprising

like out of all the places we've been in

South America so far this reminds me of

my hometown it's just a lot of a lot of

things give me that hometown like USA

vibe I don't know yeah it's very

organized in a very very organized very

very well maintained what is this one


Wacken here I'm glad you picked this one

is pretty small because I care about you

so much

good night I think it's like that's so

cool no way oh my grandma used to have

one like this for opening letters

zero waste lifestyle male their virtue


we were on he won me he want me to try

it it no that was me

oh it's French

yes good I mean we were in the Middle

East yeah delicious so maybe we got a

cup one twice for siento lo siento mucho

Grande is always better

yes I saw this me no yes with Alicia

very good keep feeding me our lives

don't oversleep

uno uno

time to get fresh up because it's pretty

hot outside right now so we get a juice

no no no but I won't go not plus what

you do lip collection

okay leather


I mean it's an amazing craftsmanship

amazing craftsmanship it's like yeah

it's so funny he was like he said he

remembered to me I was like do me wear

sunglasses I've been I've been I've been

watching your vlogs in Colombia and

they're very awesome very good amen

thank you guys I enjoyed it you said you

noticed it's the way I walk I mean I got

to watch a lot of YouTube let's see how

I walk around here is asking we just

keep walking further along the mic at

and then this is what we found out is so

Louie friend doesn't like somebody just

painted yesterday

I didn't know when you sitting down in

the park and you look up to the right

you see this beautiful architecture in

colors but it's actually the cultural

center it kind of looks like a church

it's ten for roasted cashews and then 60

for water and I was super hot and it's

really warm outside so I got some agua

warm fried cashew nuts they're so good

it does like your toast like sweet right

high quality for a meal popcorn that is

what it tastes like what it is called

that's you what do you call them in

Spanish Daniel the name is got up in the

other good nuts this guy's got the best

nuts in Argentina called gonna Panaro

Gadhafi yada don't like caramelize

cashew nuts and you can get them at like

the water vendors they're so good


all right so tonight's gonna be quite

interesting we're getting a Argentine

experience I would even try empanadas in

a centenarian now we are trying to make

our empanadas not a good cook you end up

with no filling inside of it so the idea

is to make a little mountain in the

middle the pastry means meat okay but

every time we're talking about meat in

Argentina we refer to this are the same

and is to are the same I feel like if I

need to fold this one I can't say two

fingers around of it okay

that way you will be able to close the

pastry in half okay I'm filming your

phone you're holding still


so this one is my creation and again I

mean you know they have all the offices

like VIP dinner all this stuff stage I

tried to make a turkey it doesn't really

look like a turkey oh that's pretty but

it might not steak that's okay we got in

my transform in the oven that's the

thing that I'm worried about I'm making

the Kent thank you what is the whiskers

that's my super easy was a hard now it's

a hard harder it mine's a turkey

supposed to okay I'm knowing where the

peacock then when this really nice

waiter came in asking something like

gentleman to kind of like it wasn't what

sort of Zapata that's a good one

but yes Bertie panic okay and answer the

first thing that anyone that don't speak

Spanish will said c4 power maybe your

grass yeah okay and yeah does it that's

a good one okay that's all you need to

survive that means two beers yeah but

guys the answer of that question will

never be C or yes because that guy was

asking him how would you like your steak

to be cooked for me

we say oh it's easy to remember because

it's a minute up to that input I use a

people let me introduce you to the site

for your stakes okay the one that is

closer to me okay the green one is open

baked potatoes with a citrus herb pesto

okay then in the middle are originated

vegetables and the last one is crispy

sweet potato with a cilantro let's start

with the yellow one let's see if you can

guess what the sweet is made no honey I

don't know what is it so we know you're

just eating my food so this is like

literally the best dessert I've ever had

it's called cream oh so it's got like a

mixture of different fruits like a cream

and peanuts one also made this one

please really good I love it so much

yeah how to do it glass shell you're

gonna go after me you can't see that one

line no I need to wait my turn that much

oh thank you

I don't think I'm gonna go with as much

as she did she went with a astronaut you

can't say caramel cake is that the

locals will be very upset so I didn't

put a lot of a new sensor but tokenize

that other made sure I went through that

too oh that is good it's like crumbly

and sweet and coconutty on cuz it has a

soft texture of caramel the crumbly

texture of the cookies and the coconut

flavor oh so good oh my god


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