Vancouver Island - Whalewatching 4k



the west coast sunset of a beautiful day


an eagle and the seagull are playing

with each other and the wind

I follow the wings of an eagle then the

eye of my drone

I'm still here Vancouver Island

leaving my motel in the other harboring

units it's a very special day they're

getting ready for whale watching - with

a floating overalls we look very funny

and they are a little uncomfortable but

in a case of an accident

we will stay afloat this is the boat the

rigid-hulled inflatable boat was found

at maximum horsepower for 18 passengers

believe the harbour at low speed

we all hope to see whales but this is

not guaranteed we are still on our way

to the open sea beaver sea lions lolling

lazily on a pier oh I have to correct

statement in the first video we sees

forest industry thrives just fine and

many people he and BC work very hard in

this industry now the boat is picking up

speed and the glide over the water fast

this forty miles per hour

again and again this landscape

fascinates me the small islands and

rocks in the sea the endless expanse of

water and sky and for moments I forget

that we are actually on a whale-watching




stopping a few minutes watching the show


that's typical Canada you can do any

what this party love and you have so

much space and you are alone in with

yourself and with stunning nature the

way the tour should take about three


they're already two hours into the time

and get nervous because we have not seen

a whale yet I lose all hope of seeing

any whales

when the boat suddenly stops silence and

suddenly it happens well there he blows


most of you will have seen whales on TV

watching these huge animals clothes in

the natural environment

it's simply terrific and an incredible

experience we see on cars and humpback

whales one whale after Nava appears and

then something completely unexpected

happens two whales come straight ahead

to a boat and to the Dodge

everybody is paralyzed when the way its

dive under the boat and appear on the

other side who had that moment

excitement was stronger than fear



for hours now on the c1 more than

promised even the crew are having a

great time we are incredibly happy a

dream has come true

a beautiful day comes to an end the

drone captures the beautiful evening

mood but that's not the end of the story

more fantastic video footage is waiting

for you in the next video soon the Santa

Beach Beach is needed to feel

beautiful Victoria and other attractions

you're welcome