Whats the best day of the month to close on a house?

hey welcome back everybody thanks for

joining me again today what we're gonna

look at is we're going to look at the

best day of the week at best day of the

month to close and the reason this is

important is because your client

deserves to get the most attention

possible at closing

so from a pure number standpoint

statistically I want to look and see

when is the most likely that my clients

got to get the attention that again that

they deserve and so I broke out about a

year's worth of data to look at this and

say when should i schedule my closings

if I was the real estate agent I

certainly would not have any desire to

close on a day would you know closers

are running around frantic and closing

departments or trying to cram numbers

out by the lender and the title

companies out of their mind busy I would

have no desire to be in that instead I'm

gonna choose a less busy day again from

a pure numbers standpoint and that way

we can get rid of all the store and just

look at the look at the pure statistics

of it now let's look at Monday through

Friday Friday

40% of all the closings last year took

place on a Friday that is mind-boggling

right I am gonna avoid Friday's like the

plague if I'm scheduling closings as

Realtor mondays are bad Thursdays aren't

bad but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are

going to be the best two days to close

on your transactions next thing I want

to look at is the actual part of the

month that is best so I look at this and

I say between the 26 on the 31st that's

the busiest time of the month now I look

at the 11th through the 15th and this

was actually quite eye-opening I didn't

expect this that that is actually a

pretty busy time of the month as well so

now we're gonna look at and say well

what are the best days 1st through the

5th and the 21st through the 25th both

of them around 13% of the closings so

again when's the best time to close your

client Tuesdays or Wednesdays closing

between the 1st and the 5th or the 21st

and the 25th I hope that helps build

your business and I hope that you

remember me when it comes time to refer