How to Clean Gutters & Install Gutter Guards


hey I'm Erin cleaning your gutters may

seem like a project that can wait but

putting it off can actually create more

work and more costly repairs later in

this video I'm going to show you how to

clean your gutters and install gutter

guards to help avoid any debris buildup

in the future I'll show you how to do it

right let's get started you want to

clean your gutters at least twice a year

once in the spring and then once again

in the fall however you also want to

check them before and after any heavy

rain showers just to make sure that your

gutters are still clear cleaning is

typically easiest when the weather and

the debris you have had a few days to

dry out but that is not always an option

and sometimes you are gonna have to deal

with wet leaves leaves and twigs can

build up over time and really clog your

gutters and your downspouts this means

your gutters can overflow and really

damage your roof and fascia and even

worse end up along the foundation of

your house the good news is that all

this water damage is avoidable if you

just take a few simple steps to deter it

the best way to access your gutters is

with a ladder leave working from the

roof to the pros also if you're just

uncomfortable on a ladder or if you've

got power lines near your gutters call a

professional to help when using a ladder

always set it on solid stable and level

ground this ladder has an adjustable leg

for uneven ground just be sure to follow

the safety instructions noted on the

side of the ladder for a two-story home

you'll need an extension ladder a handy

tip is to use hooks to attach a bucket

for tools or debris or you can just drop

your debris onto plastic or a drop cloth

on the ground just make sure that your

ladder is not sitting on the plastic

you'll want to wear your work gloves

when you're cleaning gutters because you

may come in contact with some sharp

metal if you're working with wet debris

consider wearing nitrile gloves under

your work gloves okay so now it's time

to get to work

you're gonna begin by removing any

debris near the downspout first also

remove and clear any downspout strainers

if you have them a trout comes in handy

when cleaning packed in and caked on

material or you might find that just

using your hands works better flush

the rest of the debris with a hose a

gutter cleaning attachment can be

helpful to start at the far end and move

toward the downspout try not to spray

under the shingles if your gutters not

draining chances are you've got a clog

in your downspout so because this

downspout is one solid piece we're gonna

take off the band's to remove it the

downspout should just slide out then

flush it out with the hose and reattach

if you have a short piece of downspout

running into a drainage system remove

just that short piece I covered the open

pipe with a bucket just in case there's

a lot of debris that comes out now you

can feed the hose nozzle up the spout

spraying with full pressure to release

the clog if that doesn't work try a drum

augur sometimes called a plumber snake

feed it up through the downspout when it

gets stopped lock the collar and spin

the line as you feed it into the

downspout then pull it back you can also

use this auger with a drill once you

break through the clog reattach

everything and flush the gutters again

with the hose if you notice standing


this means your gutter isn't correctly

pitched to fix this issue detach the

hangers and adjust the gutter to get the

correct slope for proper water flow I

used a level to make sure it was sloping

downward the ideal slope is a quarter to

a half inch decline for every 20 feet of

gutter running toward the downspout and

installing additional hangers can help

with sagging gutters so now we're going

to fix any leaks that we have for best

results you want to make sure that your

gutters are completely dry and then run

a bead of gutter sealant over the seam

this is a good time to clean your gutter

exteriors as well as touch up your

gutters and downspouts with a little

paint so now that your gutters are

cleaned out and sealed up you may want

to consider adding gutter guards they're

really easy to install and they keep

most debris out of your gutters there

are a variety of options available

follow the manufacturer's instructions

for installation

this type slides under the shingles and

can be secured with screws once your

gutter guards are installed you're still

gonna have to check in the spring in the

fall to make sure that they're clear

take a small brush and just brush off

the top and then run the hose just to

clear out any small debris that's

managed to find its way into the system

maintaining your gutters is a simple

project that's well worth the time and

effort and now you know how to do a race