Mattress Buying Guide (How To Choose A Mattress)

hey everyone I'm Jeff Rizzo and as you

probably know we have reviewed a heck of

a lot of mattresses I mean who knew

there were so many and as a company we

have helped out 70 million people now

with tough decisions like which bet is

right from here which product should I

get this one or that one but one request

that I keep getting is can you do an

ultimate mattress buying guide video one

that explains everything you should be

thinking about when you're getting a new

mattress I mean getting a new mattress

can be an intimate but also an

intimidating experience I mean you are

spending a thousand dollars or more on a

brand new bed that you'll be using for

seven or more years and maybe even

sharing with a loved one and I get it

there could be some nervousness some

confusion all of that and really you're

probably like me you hate wasting money

in time you hate feeling bamboozled by

marketing rhetoric and all that hubbub

and you want to get the right product

the first time and that's why we have

today's video that's why we're doing

this ultimate mattress buying guide

because you asked for it because we

think a lot of people frankly they need

this video and if you do find it helpful

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okay so let's start by talking about how

you decide whether or not you need a new

mattress I mean there's no sense in

spending up to get a brand new bed when

you might not actually need it and I

think for a lot of people a mattress

topper might actually be the most

economical thing to do so I'll link some

bestsellers down below in the

description but really there are three

indicators that you need a new bed the

first of which is just the age of the

mattress so typically people get a new

bed between year 7 and year 12 so if

you're in that range you probably should

be looking for a new bed me personally I

have a bed for 15 years but that really

all just depends on your pain tolerance

and your budget I think for most people

it's around year 10 you'll be getting a

new bed and most mattresses are only

really constructed and tested for 10

years so you should probably be thinking

about a new mattress around the time

period of its suggested useful life and

that's between 7 and 12 years number 2

sagging or body impressions so most

people should be rotating their beds

between 2 and 4 times per year but a lot

of people don't do that and they end up

with either a huge crater in the center

of the bed because that's where they're

sleeping or they get one side that wears

much more quickly than the other if your

mattress is sagging or has a body

impression when no weight is on it of

about a half an inch to maybe an inch

and a quarter you should be thinking

about a new bed because you're basically

sleeping on a compromised mattress and

the other thing that's important with

this one is your mattress foundation so

you need to get one that solid doesn't

have any give to it and this is really

important to meet the criteria for your

mattresses warranty so a lot of people

probably have a mattress that was just

fine but they put it on a foundation

that doesn't really meet the criteria

for their warranty and that means that

they need a new bed and they can't

access that warranty so just be mindful

of that and number three is pain so if

you're experiencing low back pain upper

back pain pain resulting from your

sciatica maybe with your hips you might

want to think about getting an entirely

new mattress it might be the bed that's

actually making things worse you should

definitely consult your physician and

your chiropractor I'm not a physician or

a chiropractor so that you can figure

out the right bed for your particular

situation that said we did do a few

lists related to low back pain bad back


hip pain and the list definitely goes on

and we have a few of those I'll link

those in the description we actually

spend a lot of time on this list we

spent a lot of time researching a lot of

time testing beds and we actually

consulted with a chiropractor to put

those together so I think those guides

will be very helpful and you can find

those below this video screen in the

text now when you do start shopping for

a mattress there are really two types of

beds that you'll encounter number one

all foam beds so as the name States

these are entirely made of foam they are

typically more affordable to make

they're typically lighter and that's why

you see so many bed in a box companies

out there because it's more affordable

to make the bed it's lighter so they can

ship it in a box via FedEx or UPS and

then they can also offer completely free

returns that's why so many people are

trying them and that's why so many

brands are out there because it makes

sense for both the customer and the

brand both people are getting something

they want and it just actually works

pretty well you will usually see

polyurethane foam mostly as a support

core memory foam latex foam or some sort

of proprietary foam on the bed I'll link

a few example beds of each one of those

down below in the description so you can

check them out there are some big name

brands that utilize a lot of these foams

and the other type is a hybrid bed and

this is really combining two types of

material that are dissimilar so you

might see coils and foam or coils and

gel or gel and foam or air and foam

you're gonna see two different types of

materials GM together on a mattress and

these can be great there's a lot of

people that absolutely love these beds

and I will link some examples down below

in the description like with all foams

or if you're watching this video on

YouTube as a lot of people are you can

check out our website for a lot more

reviews and coupons and stuff like that

so the links to that again will be down

below the video screen now just because

you get an all foam bed or a hybrid bed

that doesn't really say anything about

the firmness profile of the bed it

really just says something about its


now we categorize firmness into five

different categories soft medium soft

medium medium firm and firm that's the

best way to do it otherwise it kind of

gets a little convoluted with all these

different beds on a scale you'll

generally see between soft

ferm if you're a strict side sleeper

like Valerie who's on our team you're

probably gonna want a little bit softer

of a mattress just to allow nice

pressure relief for your shoulders and

your hips in particular this however is

more of an art than a science because

everybody's different right everybody's

different and firmness is a little bit

subjective so Katie Kayla on our team

she's really petite she can basically

choose any bed she wants but if she

wants to sleep strictly on her side and

she wants good pressure relief she

probably needs a little bit softer of a

bed on the other side of that deep pain

the pain train who's also in our team

used to play football he was a center he

was a lineman he's a big dude so he puts

a lot more stress on a bed he can get

away with a little bit firmer of a

mattress and we did do a list of our

favorite beds for side sleepers and I'll

link that down below in the description

now let's talk about strict back or

stomach sleepers these are similar in

terms of the firmness that you want

you're generally gonna be looking for a

little bit firmer of the bed you want to

keep your hips and your spine and proper

alignment if it's too soft or hips are

gonna sag down again this varies by

person and by your weight but in general

think firm now young ladies for example

sleeping on your stomach you probably

want a little bit softer than what a

guide for some obvious reasons I'll link

our guide for back sleepers and for

stomach sleepers down below today's

video now for combination sleepers like

myself you rotate positions at night I

think a lot of people do this this might

be the most popular category you need

kind of an interesting mattress you need

one that's soft but not too soft

one that provides pressure relief but

not too much you basically need to play

to your dominant sleeping position I

sleep mostly on my side so I want a

little bit more pressure relief but I

still want the bed to be supportive so I

can rotate on in my stomach

or my back I will also link our guide to

the best beds for combination sleepers

so if you're curious in the description

down below now for couples this one is a

little bit harder to please because

you're trying to you know match two

people up right you have to worry about

weight size sleeping preferences what

sleeping position you guys sleep in so

it can be a little bit harder to figure

out like for example my girlfriend

Amelia she is very petite I am NOT she

sleeps hot I sleep cool and that's not

even counting you know the fact that we

sleep in different sleeping positions so

you really have four options here

number one you can get a split king or

cal king bed where each side is

different and custom to each partner

number two you can let your wife choose

because she's always right number three

you can get a custom bed or number four

you can make some compromises hopefully

you guys are pretty close and that way

each of you gets kind of what you want

I'll link our list of the best beds for

couples down below in the description

now I alluded to your weight earlier and

this is really key when you're choosing

a new mattress lighter individuals they

can get away with anything that's why so

many bed and box companies are really

really popular because young

professionals college students people in

their 30s they can pretty much sleep on

any mattress they want as long as

they're you know under 250 pounds so

that's why so many people are buying

those beds and they can really choose

anything now if you're over 250 pounds

kind of in that range you need to be a

little bit more selective with your

mattress the the list of beds you can

choose from is narrowed but lucky for

you the good news is I've done a list of

our favorite beds for heavier

individuals I'll link that as I've

mentioned a million times now down below

today's video screen I think for a lot

of people that are a little bit heavier

you think you're gonna spend a ton of

money on a brand-new bed there are some

really affordable great beds that are

specifically designed for people that

are a little bit heavier but just know

that when you are heavier you're putting

more stress on the bed you're probably

looking for something with coils and

extra support now the last thing is your

budget but that's obviously up to you

right but the one thing I would add is

that don't be so concentrated on the

price just because a mattress is more

affordable doesn't make it bad just

because a bed is really expensive

doesn't make it the best one ever

like I mentioned before for Katy Cail

she can choose any bed she wants and

it'll probably last for 10 years for her

so you can choose a $600 bed she'll

probably still get 10 years out of it

she can choose a $3,000 bed and probably

get the same lifespan out of it she'll

just have less money so focus on your

sleeper type the firmness you want and

the material preferences that you have

and be a little bit more flexible with

your budget both up and down and by the

way if you want some exclusive coupons

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mattress buying guide video I hope you

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