How to Brush Your Teeth Animation MCM

in this video we'll show you the best

way not only to brush your own teeth but

also how to easily brush the teeth of

others tooth brushing should be carried

out twice a day in the morning and last

thing at night we must remember that not

everyone can brush their own teeth but

when brushing other people's teeth the

principles are the same

please remember that tooth brushing

takes a full two minutes yes two minutes

use a small headed medium texture

bristles toothbrush with a small amount

of fluoride toothpaste start by tilting

the toothbrush against your teeth so the

bristles are at a 45 degree angle to the

gum line move the brush in small

circular movements a few times on each

tooth next brush the outer surfaces of

each tooth keeping the bristles angled

against the gum line

do the same thing for the inside

surfaces of all the teeth now brush the

biting surfaces of the teeth on the top

and the bottom

to clean the inside surface of the front

teeth tilts the brush vertically for the

upper teeth gently move the brush long

ways down the tooth from the gum for a

few seconds for the lower teeth tilt the

brush vertically and pull the toothbrush

gently upwards from the gum for a few

seconds if plaque is not removed from

the teeth it leads to bleeding gums and

tooth loss if you eat or drink sweet

things plaque mixes with the sugar and

causes tooth decay

finally spit out any remaining

toothpaste do not rinse the mouth with

water or any kind of mouthwash in this

way the fluoride in the toothpaste will

help protect the teeth