How To Bleed A Radiator - Don’t try it until you watch this

my name's Alan Hart and today we will

show you how to bleed a radiator please

do not bleed a radiator until you've

watched this video in full the amount of

people that bring me up to watch the

YouTube video I'm bleeding a radiator

and then the boilers not working

the boy is banging and clanging etc so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

show you the full process so that you

don't have any of them issues let's have

a look now first thing we need to do is

look at the boiler and when we look up

the Bilaam here the pressure is down and

what I'm going to do is I'm just going

to top the pressure up on this boiler

and I'll chop it up to one bar now check

the pressure and the pressure is up to

one bar on the boiler I'm now going to

make sure the boiler is turned off and

it's not calling for heat and now we'll

go to the radiator and will bleed the

radiator why would you want to bleed you

really have to so the main reason is if

your radiator is cold at the top and

it's warm at the bottom of the radiator

then you love or you could have air in

the top of the radiator and what you

need to do you need to get that air out

of the radiator and once you do get that

air out of the radiator the system will

have lost pressure so then you need to

put more pressure in the system so first

of all what I'll do is I'll show you how

to bleed the radiator and then I'll show

you how to check over parts of the

radiator just to see if there's any

other issues with that mediator as well

so the first thing you need you need a

blade okay

and if you're one of my customers in


you will have one of these CC hex

weights please and Iraq well you might

even need or you might even use a joke

whatever where the sucia I could use a


as well so all we need to do we need to

find the bleed point on the radiator

I'll zoom in now and I'll show you that

this is the bleep point here and

sometimes they have a screwdriver slot

in there as well and you could use a

screwdriver to do it I would always

advise if possible to use a bleed key

because the bleep key if you have a look

on there it goes all the way around it

and it won't get damaged whereas if you

use a screwdriver slot sometimes you can

snap them ends off on that wanted to do

we wanted to open this valve here now

sometimes you've got the careful because

when you try and open this this knot at

the top will start to move so it may be

that you need to have a spammer just

available and just get that to

right-size if need be on there you might

just need to nip up a little bit if

that's that's the light from there and

all you're gonna do then is just open up

in your bleep pipe and what you'll do

you'll see water coming out so just a

little water coming out then you can

just close it back up so once once

you've done that you bled that this is

when the problems could stare and this

is when you could have your boiler

banging and clanging or you boiling just

not working so what we'll do now is

we'll go and have a look at the boiler

and I'll show you what you need to next

one thing to point out as well this with

this radiator we can get to this buddy

easy here sometimes it will be on the

back of the radiator or it might be on

the top like on a a towel rail and

sometimes they have a little caps over

it as well so sometimes they they hide

them a little bit but let's go I will

cook the boiler now and I'll show you

the boiler and then we'll come back to

this radiator and I'll show you some

other issues that you could have with


as well this is a very good example now

when played the radiators and we tried

to fix the radiator to make it work but

now the boiler would no longer work

because the pressure has gone down I'll

just turn the lights on on this has gone

down on here so now the boiler would no

longer work so what we need to do we

need to top the pressure up on this on

this pile it's quite easy we've just got

a little that a lot of valve underneath

there and we just top the pressure up

but it may be different honorable

boilers it may be that you've got an

open vent system and if you've got up a

vent system it should just full fill up

by itself but sometimes they can stick

so they had to tank up in the loft it

can it can stick in the in the up

position so it may be that you need to

are somebody needs to go up in the loft

and just have a look at that and see if

that's seized in the off put in the in

the up position which is meaning that

it's not allowing water to go into the

central heating system

once you've bled the radiator if their

idiot is still not working then you may

need to just to check these vowels so on

this side we've got lock shield and this

side that's a TIV that's a thermostatic

radiator valve so what we'll do is zoom

in now and I'll show you how to check

them on the thermostat side make sure

it's fully opened on this one it goes to

number five and sometimes the pins on

these stick down you can tip off from


the awkward way and then if you have

looked it up in there

what I've seen people do I've seen

people pull wittiness before and pull

them up and I've seen plumbers advising

that and my advice would be just to tap

them down it pushes down on twice I look

where it's stuck down and it'll still

bounce back by itself if you stop

pulling that out of there then it could

just try and pull this out it's not

pulling out to there but I've seen them

pull pull them out before and then what

was that squid top of that Valois so you

just need to be careful all you're

trying to do is just free free that pin

up a bit now what we'll do well then

you'd put your valve well leave your

valve off for now and then check the

other side of the radiator as well

sometimes these can go falter in here as

well so if you just let that off for now

then you'd be able to rule that out and

see if that's a problem or not

well we'll have a look at the locks for

you on that side now so this is the lock

shield it may be that you've got not

shields on both sides you just took the

top off on the lock sealed and then you

just check that this is open on this

just check it's open and to make to open

this you turn it that way so

anti-clockwise opens it the cinemas tap

when you're open in you tap on your

kitchen sink so that's how you can bleed

your radiator and also how you can

just to make sure they don't have any of

the issues and with the Beiler's fill em

up etc I have those little videos on how

to talk you by the rock so hopefully

hopefully you're better to use that as


yeah one thing to point out when you're

doing the LOX yield side you may upset

the balance of the heating system so it

may be that you just need to have a look

at a video on how to balance a central

heating system yeah I think that's it

that's it really

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