Why You Should Wait To Bathe Your Newborn Baby!

did you know that there are some really

great reasons to delay your newborn

baby's first bath today I'm breaking

down these really interesting facts

about the benefits of delaying your

baby's very first bath coming up hey


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for weekly helpful tips so contrary to

what has historically been common

practice your newborn baby does not need

to be bathed immediately after delivery

in fact new information shows that we

should really be waiting 24 to 48 hours

before initiating that first bath so

according to the American Academy of

Pediatrics bathing our newborn too soon

or too often can actually decrease their

natural bacterial count which can make

them more susceptible to things like

infection and rash and of course if we

bathe our baby too often we can

compromise the moisture barrier in their

skin leaving them with excessively dry

skin and when we think about it keeping

our babies protective layer of bacteria

on them really serves them well as most

babies are born in hospitals or largely

public areas after delivering your

newborn baby delaying your newborn

infants first bath prioritizes things

like bonding and establishing a solid

feeding routine while it used to be

common practice that after your baby was

delivered your newborn might even be

whisked out of the room to be properly

bathed before being wrapped up and

brought back to you this is largely

shifted and a lot of hospitals or

birthing centers now note the importance

of baby being with mom

in the immediate moments after birth and

so your child's likely to just get a

gentle wipe down before being placed on

your chest now if you know that this is

not necessarily common practice at the

place you will be delivering at or you

want to deliver at I would highly

suggest just following up with your

medical team and initiating a

conversation about your wishes and your

birthing plan because it can absolutely

be accommodated if you advocate for

yourself in your little one and you tell

them what it is that you want so while

we're on the topic of bathing your

newborn I want you to be sure to check

out the next video which is gonna cover

best practices for actually bathing your

newborn so check it out over here and as

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