Don't Go Back To School (2020)


i got three words for you

children will die seriously

you want to open school sir this is a

death trap

that's a load of crap listen

quarantine's over

the kids have to go back do you know how

hard it's going to be to socially

distance 30 kids in a classroom

that's a joke and you know those school

bathrooms don't even have soap

that's a frightening vision and

something ain't right with it

how come you politicians have your kids


yet you want to sacrifice the health and

life we're living

that's like being pro-war but no no no

you're not the one fighting in it

don't worry only a few kids may die

that's life we can't control it

plus it's proven that kids are strong

and we're protected from covered

that's not true sir don't play that

political game

i know you expect us to surf the second


but this study out of south korea says

that children are affected exactly the


plus all kids aren't strong some have

obesity others breathing trouble

and none live in a bubble which means if

they catch the virus and take it home

their parents and grandparents are in


yeah but virtual learning is not ideal

kids just don't learn like that you are


hospitals are overrun borders close but

you want kids to go to school and play

corona tag

you know it's funny how all of a sudden

you care about education

see i think it's really about cash cause

no cap

i learned more watching youtube videos

than i did in class

so don't tell me school is perfect cause

that's bogus

i'm not trolling but i knew a kid who

graduated high school

and couldn't even read his own diploma

oh grow up

i'm serious see classroom learning is

equal or worse

to e-learning and if you don't believe

me check out this study that concluded

classroom learning

is equal or worse to e-learning yeah but

kids need socialization and physical


okay seriously seriously

school tells kids to sit their butt down

and don't talk to each other for eight

hours a day

you call that socialization that's not


plus how a kid is gonna interact when

they are six feet apart

okay wise guy what about our great


their presence is needed now that i can

agree with

yes teachers are the most important

factor for a student's success

which is why you should treat them with

more respect i mean they give their best


many have to buy their own supplies

because you refuse to invest

and once again during covert they are

the ones you neglect

see you're giving them the short end of

the stick god forbid but

are you gonna pay the medical bills when

these great teachers

get sick i mean i get your point

socialization and hanging with friends


needed for a healthy mind and the only

way i think physical class could work

is if we have it outside outside

yeah outside you know kids do learn

better when they're actually alive

this guy don't even try do i look like a

fool to you

no no of course not i know you want more

business as usual

you love the fact that prisoners get

more time outside than students do

but see outside learning is what they

did during the spanish flu and

tuberculosis ii still social distance

follow all protocols for prevention but

give them fresh air and vitamin d

which are proven to boost the immune

system so here's what i conclude

give them one to two days a week in an

outside classroom

those who need hot meals any day should

be able to pick up the food

but the rest of class will be online now

when in class

follow all the guidelines like masks and


face shields which protect the eyes and

get creative

let students police themselves for every

day of

safe behavior they get points if they

get enough points they get

i don't know a week vacation here are

some protocols from other countries that

i want you to read and understand

because one life lost is one too many

let's leave nothing up to chance

i know you have other interests involved

but even you

shouldn't want this blood on your hands