First Day Vs Last Day Of School: Back To School 2016! First Day Expectations for School!

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It's Sarah.

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And welcome to the fourth video in my five part series that I'm posting on my channel this week.

The video that I'm posting today is definitely something that I've never tried tried to do before,

but I really hope you guys enjoy it.

It's actually a first day vs last day day video,

and oh my gosh I'm just really happy with how it turned out.

If you didn't already know though, I am doing a five days of videos this week on my channel,

so if you haven't seen any of my back to school videos that I've posted this week

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and lets get into it

I'm so excited that I finally washed this beauty blender

I feel like it was way to long

Oh my gosh! The cocoa blend pallet, ah

I forgot how good this was!

I think I'll go for something natural today

Like natural, but pretty


I really can't be bothered today.

How long's it been since I washed that thing?

Ahh, what?!

It's definitely too early to be doing mascara

Like how do I even get that off?

I probably should have washed this, eh

Wait, is that a pencil?

I haven't had one of these things in ages

Cold pressed juice? Score!

Aw, sweet my favorite sandwich

What?! Apple crumble?! This is my favorite flavor

Hi, is it okay if I could sit here?

Ya sure

My name's Kane, what was yours?

Oh, my name's Sarah. Nice to meet you

Is it alright if I sit here?

I was leaving anyway.

Oh my gosh. How could this thing be 150 dollars?!

I better go put it in a safe spot.

Oh my gosh, these shoes are so nice!

Wait, they're kind of expensive.

No, what can I do?

Hold on

what about that expensive school book I bought on the first day?


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's still in here.

Ew, it's so dusty.

Condition, barely used

I'd say barely used, yea

And I'm done

Time to go buy some new shoes

So that is it for this video

Hopefully you guys did enjoy it

And if you did, make sure to let me know

down in the comments which one was most

relatable to you

If I had to choose it would be definitely

What I wear one the first day vs the last day

because I definitely dress way better on the first day

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