When Is Avocado Season and Where to Find California Avocados?

California avocado season is a delicious

and exciting time but what exactly does

it occur I'm sad from honeysuckle and

I'm here to help you understand when and

where to look for California avocados at

the farmers market or in your local

grocery store

so unlike avocados from other origins

California avocados are not available

all year long although you may see

avocados in stores all year round it's

important to check for the California

avocado label when in season California

grown avocados can vary in availability

depending on location generally

California avocados are in season from

spring through early fall during peak

season California avocados can be found

in the western states as well as

targeted markets in the US and in Asia

most California avocados are identified

with California branding with label of

origin be sure to look for California on

the label to ensure you're getting fresh

locally California grown avocados when

in season sometimes due to supply

related incidents retailers will have a

different country of origin if you can't

find conventionally grown California

avocados don't forget to look in the

organic section produce managers at your

local grocery store are also a great

resource to answer any questions and

help you find exactly what you're

looking for we always encourage our

consumers to source and shop locally

many farmers markets carry California

avocados when in season find a local

farmers market near you and be sure to

ask the grower if your avocados are from

California be sure to mark your

calendars and check out our store

locator on California avocado comm to

find fresh California avocados near you