turns out I was Gandhi Buddha and then

that what the [ __ ] are they doing in the

next room same question I'm asking oh

now this is [ __ ] estrella oh here we

go boys

lose the skills of beer

before there's no shots available so

when this happens you have to do what's

called a Chicano foot


there we go and body all righty boys

match point let's go what's going on

right now I've offered Michael $100 if

he can do the splits and hold it there

for three seconds hundreds ready oh my


my dicks gone up inside somehow you

don't need your dick for this that's

right yeah that's a good idea that was

just a warm-up that was just a warm-up

try again okay show me

to be honest I was actually hoping you'd

like to sleep oh good night dear Michael

I've got some rollerskating you want to

try again story time

hello I know there's no more story time

on these blog ha ha got myself in so

much trouble over long what's happened

what's happened so last week I was in

Sydney Jen gives us a message saying I

[ __ ] hate you I'm like I'm like

what's up a chick was on her way over

and then she said I've seen charmese

latest vlog and now the next one's gonna

say this one

so anyway I'm smashing it

well you might as well oh you don't get

an out in doing it

why am i so frigid I didn't want to

sexually harass you

this really annoys me I've been a

frigate since seven years old it's time

to change it it's time to change



oh my god you [ __ ] shot into my just

turn your head for me it's gonna be okay

I'm gonna stop this now but then you

know someone else to kiss me

I wanted at least the admits it what I

was all happening someone farted and

yeah I done their very standard it to

film looks like you're sweating there a

bit you getting nervous

drink in my hand

yeah she won the ping-pong show because

there was no other entries the things

primate teaches you a all right Marty

page you have to I with each other



Michael Michael Michael

NZ cinema looking for Michael Michael

what are you doing I let you down and

get damned from their night come on is

it you still have night he was so close

to you kiss me that's okay I even had a

cold sore you would it's all right you

people who would have been infected for

life from me it's all right your nipples

I've got with him that's it here's what

we can do now that he thinks we've

captured the moment we can get him on a

moment he doesn't expect it you know two

out of four two out of four stars out of

four yeah you're next oh you've got a

wide cutting line if he played in a war

he's gonna walk on $2 you gonna answer

three questions correctly to get out the

first question is what is seven times



I think is dead dish that's right

what they're he's dead we'll just leave

him [ __ ] Josh oh dude what's up man dude

you okay dude you're not wearing what

does your your brother's house you have

a wife and two dogs at home it's

Australia Day you had too much alcohol

yeah man you're bisexual come down here

and kiss you're bisexual now my wrists

in my balm on the broad side you got the

drop she's used to me stretching the

legs back you know you guys should hook

up like me and show me hooked up that's


you know that's my girlfriend and you're

saying [ __ ] like that yeah that's

something she's not even a dime over my

Marty you're wrong I've [ __ ] several

chicks with tits

what are you wrecking guys we get some

more guys here there's way too many

chicks I'll have sex with a man honestly

man Oscar last Jeremy

Oh Jay I just got rid of chlamydia

that's three out of four bottles one

more to go

I already shot the spoon out your ass I

can Gail I've ever got with and you've

got with many but I think this is

getting too weird for my actual vlogs

we've ice hooked up with her I reckon we

should just hook up yeah actually I'm

not gonna act easy like tell me why you

actually loved me give me reason to hook

up with you know giving him Ari

compliment you blew him you're honest

tell him that he's got a mouthful say

he's got almost six mil on rich Oh buddy

honey yeah I'm sweating yeah you would

say sexual tension you would they are

brothers no he's already done had you I

had you I had Josh DeSean when I was

showing his girlfriend my [ __ ] that's

enough that's enough for now

he's a mess [ __ ] fat fat he's gonna