TIARA COLLECTION! explaining why I wear tiaras | Cloe Feldman


okay guys so we just finished with the

makeup it's super cool I think I never

do looks like this is very like intense

and like pink but I like it and now we

are doing the hair do a little curled up

has been I love this oh my god it's like

princess okay good morning guys today is

a wonderful day as usual woo I feel like

you know when you're like you don't know

what you're saying at all you're just

throwing that was like common words out

there I feel like I'm on like alright

she's not she's not happening today

anyway today we are filming I mean I'm

always filming we're filming right now

but I'm filming a bunch of intros for

all my main videos I like to like do all

my intros in one day so if I have the

same hair and makeup no it's not because

I wear the same hair and makeup every

day it's because I'm filming them all at

once it's so funny I did a show with

awesomenesstv a few years ago and I was

wearing this one like mesh sparkly

watermelon shirt and we filmed like 12

episodes in one day and I remember

everyone like all the comments are like

does she only wear that shirt and I was

like no we filmed it all one day so yeah

anyway we're filming today I just got my

makeup done Bailey did it I will link

her below she's awesome I wanted to do

like a cut crease kind of look not a cut

crease but it's like a half

rounded something I saw it on an emu A's

Instagram and I thought it was cool see

how we are about to film some intros

let's go ok guys does Evan anyone

remember in friends like so Monica is

just like super super organized all the

time and share this one closet in her

house that's locked and then Chandler

opens it one day and this is what it

reminds me of this is that closet this

is like where I stuff all my disaster

oh my god this is like one of those

scenes where it all just like comes

tumbling out Oh God all right we're

gonna close that back up that does not


comment below can you guys do that dance

cuz I can't wait what was your always

open to the vlog that it makes me so


watching them back low is your 2018

resolution it wasn't actually me Academy

I was just telling me how she like wants

to get into genetics

alright everyone listen up it's go time


it is may May of 2018

haven't you accomplished your 2018

resolution it's gone by fast like it's

gone by really fast not so you still

have almost half a year to accomplish it

my resolution was to invest in myself

and my business and I feel like I've

definitely accomplished it I've been

spending a lot of money on and YouTube

channel but it's fine because that's

what I wanted to do what do you think of

my new tiara

it's like different it's not like it's

not ing oh yeah like it could pass as a

headband I love when people call me a

princess like people like I was on a the

party at brandcast and the guy was like

she was like hi princess and like I

forgot that I was wearing a tiara so I

just like thought he was calling me a

prisoner oh hey all right let's do this

hello guys update it is almost 6 p.m. it

has just been a very very busy day I've

been getting a lot of work done I feel

like people ask all the time like what

do you tubers do throughout their day

when they're not filming and there's a

lot of just like sitting on the computer

and planning and making thumbnails and

buying new camera equipment so like it's

been one of those days I feel like I

typically have one of those days unlike

a Sunday or Monday by the way I'm

wearing my new tiara guys look how

beautiful this tiara is my friend summer

got it for me my friend summer who lives

in Paris who I grabbed with she got this

for me look how cute it is it's a Cabana

Gabanna Cabana why not I don't know how

to say that Dolce and Gabanna a designer

tiara fish I get my tiaras from Amazon

this is so special and fancy and I'm

just like wow this is beautiful so it's

just like super beautiful fairy magic I

love the flowers it's so different from

any other tiara I have I feel like like

all my tiaras are like the basic crystal

tiaras and this one's just like so

different and so cool I kind of want to

do a tiara collection I feel like I've

talked about it for a while like I said

like do you guys want to see a Tara

collection so I think today might be the

day should we do a tiara collection

let's do it alright everyone welcome to

my closet we are doing a tiara


lit okay so this number one tiara

I'm wearing is from summer she gave this

to me I already explained that to you

it's beautiful floral designer okay what

up next this tiara is a very special one

I wore in my ice castle video this is

from crystal eclipse clowns on Instagram

she's like an Etsy shop and she made

this for me for my ice queen Halloween

costume and I also weren't for my ice

queen like if I lived in an ice castle

video and it's super cute it's literally

like just like the most delicate like

crystals it's so pretty I love this


I don't wear it often because you can't

really wear this to Target I mean I

should have been wearing a tiara to

Target in the first place but this one's

a little like I'm an ice queen you know

this next one is from Amazon it's a

little broken I get a lot of tears from

Amazon they have a lot of good ones

especially because sometimes I'll travel

with tiaras and they're gonna break in a

suitcase like I don't have a TR case or

anything so they break so like I have my

typical travel tiaras which is this one

and like another one I'll show you but

you know when you're going to a YouTube

event and you got a trowel you gotta

bring your chair with you so yeah this

one's from Amazon okay I'm also like

joking with myself throughout this video

like I want you guys to know the whole

tiara thing like I love it and it's

something like I always wanted to do and

I just like decided to do it this year

I'm like I'm gonna wear tiaras and make

it my thing but like I do understand

that it's like sort of ridiculous at

times and it's funny and I like make fun

of myself but okay this tiara is super

pretty even though it's from Amazon it

was like five dollars this one I also

got from Amazon and this is another what

am i this was like my first tiara and

well my first year I got was on my

birthday I wore it on my birthday and

then like after that I just started

wearing them but okay this one is from

Amazon it's very broken it's like broken

in multiple areas it's broken here it's

like bent like it's like awkwardly

shaped because this one is the one that


hmmm this one is the one that I like to

take on trips the most and this is just

like my very like basic you know average

day out tiara like going to lunch

going to a event with actual famous

people and I just and like nervous to

wear a tiara so I wear a more low-key

one that's like my more low-key tiara

this one is so pretty I think I got this

one from Amazon too but I'm not sure

it's like a rose gold and this one's a

little thicker the only thing I don't

like about this one is it kind of just

like has these little holes at the end

like it doesn't have the full kind of

like headband piece so it's a little bit

harder to like wear you have two bobby

pin it and stuff and since I am

challenged when it comes to hair I

barely ever wear this one because I

don't know how to like stick it in but

that's this one it's cute she cute this

one it's very cool and different I've

only worn it once for like a photoshoot

but it's like more of a headband type

thing it's a little big on me but I wore

this for like a fairy forest photo shoot

and it's so cool like I love how it just

has like the crystals dripping down and

it just kind of reminds me of like Romeo

and Juliet or something this one is

super extra I might have got this from

Amazon - this is the same one as the

rose gold one like the same how it

doesn't have like the ends to it but

it's in silver and yeah it's just like

very very there I go wow here I am and

I'm wearing your tiara


this one is really cool I actually got

this one on the Tarte trip it's kind of

more of like a headband to like but it's

like a mermaid tiara like it has so many

different little crystals on it it has a

starfish on it it's like it has pearls

it's really cool I think they said this

is handmade by someone I'm not sure who

it was made by but it was like we had

this whole mermaid event and they gave

these to us and of course I took at home

because I can't turn down a free tiara

just jot this out this one this one is

near and dear to my heart I got this one

when I films if I lived in Disney video

and this jar was pretty expensive but it

was an investment okay it was like right

when I first started wearing tiaras and

I was like I'm gonna do this thing and

I'm gonna do it well and I'm gonna get

myself a nice tiara so this one I got at

the Disney Land store where they have a

bunch of tiaras so this is Disney

designer guys my battery's running low

so I'm gonna speed this up this one is a

full-on crown I got on Amazon I love

this crown I haven't had a chance to

wear it yet I think I need to wear it

for like a super extra princess photo

shoot but yeah it's like a very intense

crowd look at that detail it's really

cool this actually wasn't that expensive

either this one I got as a gift from a

subscriber in Israel I love how simple

it is it's like very dainty and this is

also like a perfect like going out one

when I don't want to be super extra

nobody like I don't want to be extra but

like I'm wearing tiara

this one adilyn got me as a gift I think

it was from either like Macy's or

Nordstrom but it's rose gold and it's

beautiful like I don't know if you guys

can see the detail on it but it's so


I love this one and it just like makes

me so happy that like Adeline got this

for me like it's so cool it's so special

apparently she did a meet-up and she saw

it and like it was like can I have that

for Chloe but yeah I love it it's so

pretty this one I got for Coachella and

it's super unique and different than the

rest of my tiaras little like geodes and

gems in it I think this is so cool I

love this and I think that's all of them

I literally think that's all of them

alright so that is my tiara collection I

hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the


I'll probably keep collecting new ones

and hopefully I can do like a new

updated tiara collection and

organization what I have

glass tiara box but yeah I love it like

I seriously love tiaras I just like I've

always wanted to be a princess I mean

every girl has but tiaras like I wanted

to wear them for so long and I just

decided to do it one day and I feel like

it really helped me find my brand and

like find my style and just like how I

portray myself on YouTube it just like

kind of helped me figure all that out

sorry guys my camera died earlier and my

voice is going away so I'm gonna end

today's vlog here but I just wanted to

say I'm really happy that I'm finally

wearing tiaras and I'm doing what I want

and I feel like this year I've been so

much better that's just like being

unapologetically me and just like doing

what I want and I hope that you guys

feel inspired to do that too and just if

you want to wear your tiara wear a tiara

if you want to wear camel wear camo like

everyone should just wear what they want

to wear and if it makes you happy then

like it doesn't matter what other people

think about it

but that is it for today's vlog I hope

you guys enjoyed and I'll see you next