Should You Wear a Kilt in Scotland?


yes no no yes um exactly it's up to you

bottom line is in Scotland you're not

gonna see a lot of kills if you're in

Edinburgh or Glasgow there's a street

performer performing you know on

bagpipes or something like that you they

may be wearing a kilt but as daily wear

it is not part of normal life it's about

as part of normal life as you wearing a

kilt in Springfield Illinois it's not

that common that being said if you wear

a kilt you're gonna either be seen as

someone going to a fancy event because

that's generally when they wear them or

an American tourist or a Canadian

tourist or a German tourist some kind of

tourist but that's not necessarily a bad

thing if you want to wear a kilt and

that gets you in touch with your roots

great wear a kilt in Scotland

you're gonna be seen as a tourist but

again it doesn't matter if you're

comfortable wearing the kilt where it

ultimately the same kind of scenario is

gonna happen there that happens here

when you're wearing a kilt someone is

going to come up and want to talk to you

people are going to be curious about why

you're wearing a kilt they're gonna be

curious about your family history so if

you want to have that experience that

you know ease of entry for a discussion

they're breaking down of barriers where

people are going to come up to you and

talk to you wear a kilt when you're over

there and it will happen so kill can be

an icebreaker they're just like it's an

icebreaker here absolutely okay yeah

cool so if you're gonna wear a kilt in

Scotland you're gonna be seen as a

tourist but lean into it just be

understanding that you know people are

gonna come up with me and talk to me the

same way they would in America and

really lean into it and start those

discussions and open that dialogue and

really good kind of go back and forth

with the where is the best place to go

eat where is the best you know where's

the best pub to go to where is the best

music scene in Glasgow where do I want

to go for traditional session music in

County Clare where do you know where

should I go help

me guide me and you'll be shocked the

number of people that will take time to

sit there and converse with you and sit

there and tell you what they think you

should be doing and the things that you

need to see while you're in their town

yeah you can you can make it fun for

them that's part of it yeah and I think

a lot of Scots actually have a lot of

appreciation of how much Americans love

Scotland because again that whole

mixture over pride and self deprecation

because Scotland has always been an

underdog I mean you did a whole speech

on that you have a couple years ago

that's you know that the concept of the

Scottish underdog and they realize how

much we adore them they really do yeah

so yeah you'll have a positive

experience you're not gonna see people

running around looking like you know a

part like Braveheart or or or even you

know Prince Charles I mean in the Kelton

tweeds there are a few I think there are

a few people but they're not yeah the

more eccentric that's not the norm yeah

but as long as you if you're wearing a

kilt if you choose to wear a kilt

as long as you are a sincere student of

the culture and you're showing

appreciation for both the historical

aspects as well as the current day

aspects of what they have and what

they're doing and just a love of

Scotland how can you be angry at that

right yeah I agree completely

very good