5 "ALPHA" Ways To Wear A FLANNEL Shirt! (Men's Style Tips)


gentlemen today we're talking about the

undeniable fantasticness that is flannel

but the final is freakin amazing

I love flannel shirts there's something

about them that I personally feel is

incredibly masculine it's it's sort of a

little bit more laid-back and casual but

it is incredible how you can actually

combine them with different looks to

create amazing outfits that you might

not think about so today I thought I'd

show you a few of my favorite ways to

wear flannel to help you sort of get

inspired to show you some different

options and combinations and just to

prove that final is amazing so first

things first what are you looking for

when it comes to buying an incredible

flannel and it really boils down to once

again fit the fit needs to be flawless

and if you're intending on wearing it

out or untucked you got to make sure

it's not super long me personally I got

this from today's video sponsored tailor

store and if you dig it you can grab one

if you hit that link most guys don't

even realize that you can have

made-to-measure like flannel casual

shirts made at tailor store and it's

like one of my newest obsessions because

like I said I love flannels the problem

is that when you go to buy a flannel

shirt off the rack usually it's going to

be real big it's going to be real boxy

tailor store is the best made-to-measure

company online like period I have tried

a ton and every single shirt I've gotten

from tailor store once I got my

measurements right has fit me exactly

the same and that's the beautiful thing

about tailor store you go on and you

plug in your measurements if you want to

do body measurements you can do that if

you want to do garment measurements you

can do that you build a profile and then

every single time you want a new shirt

all you got to do is go and pick the

different details like this time I went

with a flannel I actually got two other

super cool shirts I'll show you in a

second recently and then you pick the

details I wanted buttons you get to pick

the color you get to pick the collar you

get like literally you pick everything

and then every single time you get that

shirt it bits you identically to the

shirt before because they're using you

your body as the template tailor store

has just developed a super freaking

badass app called the Taylor store size

me app it takes all of your measurements

in literally less than a minute you go

in you start you place your phone

against the wall right and it's all

about like lining things up it takes

pictures you plug in your weight your

height and you can build a perfectly

tailored shirt directly from the app

guys it is the coolest thing you've got

to try it's available both in Android

and Apple stores I'll link to that down

below also down below if you want to

grab this shirt or shirt I absolutely

love I built this the Taylor store it's

got this really cool like navy blue

fabric it's got the button-down collars

it's just a badass shirt you can leave

it untucked you can tuck it in or all

just been really diggin some of the

floral patterned shirts that I've been

saying and so I wanted to build one for

myself guys if you like this shirt the

other shirt that I showed or the flannel

shirt I want to build your own flannel

shirt that fits you raaah there's a link

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amazingness of Taylor store there's also

a discount code down below that is

amazing that will work for you along

with free shipping now let's get freaky

with flounce okay so here is the first

flannel look this is one of my go-to

looks in the fall and winter it's a pair

of distressed jeans my chukka boots and

I'm wearing and using the flannel as a

top layer underneath

I've just got a plain basic t-shirt now

if you get hot because the season is

changing take it off and then just

loosely tie it around your waist alright

it's casual it's cool it's playful and

it looks amazing now I'm all about the

t-shirt underneath no problem you can

also rock it just like any other casual

button-up shirt like in Oxford roll the

sleeves up Rock with a pair of

distressed jeans or if you want to you

could actually throw on that great

leather jacket flannel shirts look

amazing underneath those great leather

jackets one of the reasons is because

leather jackets are definitely a little

more casual a little bit more like like

manly and flannel shirts are also in my

opinion super rugged

for cool but definitely they work right

it looks incredible pair of distressed

jeans were you can actually dress the

flannel up dressed up yeah dressed that

flannel up baby it looks incredible when

you combine it with a pair of fun

patterned pants maybe some nice dress

loafers a belt you can also throw

overtop of it v-neck sweater seriously

yes it looks incredible guys this is an

amazing way to sort of elevate the look

in the style of a flannel shirt without

going like too over-the-top now could

you wear a tie with this the answer

abso-freaking-lutely check it out what

and here's the deal flannel shirts if

you want to rock it like this is the

perfect combination for knit ties knit

ties also a little bit more casual the

flannel shirt the pattern the fabric it

all works incredibly well together but

flannels also work incredibly well with

anime its and chinos exactly a lot of

guys always send me emails talking about

I don't know what to wear with denim

jackets they are amazing for layering

over top of a great final shirt and

chinos whether or not it's gray green or

grey you cannot go wrong with this

combination throw in a cool pair of

fashion casual kicks or sneakers or

whatever you're rocking and you will be

looking like the boss gentleman

I love flannel shirts and I'm so excited

that the season is here right breaking

out my leather jackets my denim jackets

and my finals I am a happy camper on to

mention three-button Henley's I'm like

thinking about all the amazing cooler

weather options that I'm about to be

rocking like crazy hopefully you dug

this video if you do give it a big

thumbs-up if you dig this shirt or some

of the other ones that I showed guys

link below to Taylor store and get

yourself a super sexy flannel