How to Style a Beanie


a friend now I love beanies I'm not

gonna lie these things are super awesome

all right and unlike baseball caps when

you wear a beanie you can actually up

your style game if it's styled correctly

you're wearing it the right way and it's

the right type baseball hats and

generally can't up your style game all

they're good at is hiding and disguising

the fact that you didn't feel like doing

your hair but sweet about beanies or

knit caps if you want to call them that

is not only do they hide the disheveled

mess underneath this but they also can

make you look so much cooler the type of

beanie that you need to be looking for

something like this that I have on right

now now what's interesting or unique

about it is it is sort of wider knits

okay and it's not multiple colors you

don't want something that looks like

you're gonna embroider your team's

hockey logo on all right you want

something that has a little bit wider

knits like I said and that is one solid

color and I really think you should

stick with black on this one who you

trying to get crazy with this say don't

you know a little this is not the right

way to wear a knit cap you don't want to

wear your hat looking like a Mexican

gangster now unless you are a Mexican

gangster which dude I don't if you are

what I don't know what to tell you there

are two right ways to wear a knit cap

well for me mostly there's just one and

let me show you how to do that it's

really straightforward very simple you

don't ever want to stick it on cover

your ears all the way wear it down over

here like this this is not the right way

to do it what you want to do is you want

to expose a little bit of your hair so

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

take the hat you're gonna slide it back

all right and then you want this front

part of your hair to sort of stick out

like this got it and then you want your

ears not to be covered all the way you

want to leave them open and kind of

exposed a little bit another tip if you

don't have very volumous hair something

you can do is when you pull it back

you're gonna pull back here but then

you're gonna slide it forward just a

little bit so there's a little bit of a

you know sort of a crease sort of a

wrinkle here with the hair it gives a

little bit of dimension to your hat and

it looks pretty good now your hat is

going to slide off every once in a while

throughout your day that's no big deal

just reboot it back on the same way I

showed you and slide it back go be a pro

putting it on

in no time flat now the other way to

where your being is something similar to

this okay you want your hair to be sort

of pulled down kind of going to the side

and this is more for like a grunge look

if your gonna want to wear your hat like

this you're gonna have to have an outfit

picked out ahead of time that really

fits that flow you got what I'm saying

so you want everything communicating the

same message like you know because

you've watched my style guide videos but

basically this look has definitely a lot

more of a grunge view honestly right now

I'm not even styling it correctly okay

so make sure you're thinking about that

when you're putting this type of style

this way of wearing your hair with your

hat together and finally how do we style

this thing right if you don't have the

right outfit on your hats gonna look out

of place you understand that everything

you wear from the top of your head to

the soles of your feet need to be

communicating the same message now what

does a beanie communicate in all

situations all the time it's

communicating casual okay so whatever

outfit you're wearing you got to make

sure it is super super casual it doesn't

make you look more sophisticated more

business casual it just helps you look

cooler so your outfit has to say the

same thing right now I'm wearing a white

t-shirt with a navy vest and solid black

denim jeans okay

this type of feel this type of flow that

I got going on right now is exactly what

I want to be doing when I'm wearing a

knit cap like this okay some other ways

when you're thinking super casual think

white t-shirt black jeans or take your

indigo blue jeans that you have and

throw on a black t-shirt okay just a

t-shirt some really simple pants and

your really simple super casual black

shoes a pair that I love to wear our

black high tops when I'm rocking

something like this alright

so I'm wearing black high tops black

jeans or my indigo blue jeans I'm

wearing a wider black t-shirt and that's

about it because the Hat adds so much

kind of flare I guess to your outfit you

don't need anything dynamic or

over-the-top with your outfit to be able

to say and I'm cool and I got this

figured out and the other thing I love

about beanies is when you do it it's

really simple to put together you don't

have to do your hair but when you're out

and about you look like you spent a lot

of time figuring out to be the coolest


walking around all right so when you're

thinking about it and we are styling it

I think David Beckham casual all right

he wears beanies all the time because

he's able to style it pull off all also

having sweet sleeves helps you with this

type of look but you can do without it

another way to do it is black on black

don't be afraid of the black on black

okay maybe you want to mix it up with a

little bit of textures of what that

actual material is made out of that'll

kind of give it a more dynamic feel even

though it's all solid black

remember that super super super casual

sometimes I even put sweatpants on then

I pull up a little bit over my calves

that are sort of that knit material a

sweatpants on and I have a pair of sort

of athleisure type of shoes on and I got

a black or white t-shirt usually a white

t-shirt in that situation and my knit

cap on that's another cool way to do it

and it's more like this athleisure type

of feeling which is something I'll talk

about in another video at some point so

there you have it everything you need to

know about how to style it being the

right way all right

the type of hat that you need to get the

way to wear at the two right ways and

then how to actually incorporate it into

your actual style guys thank you so much

for watching this video again my name is

Paul Nagaoka