Bill DeSimone explains when it's appropriate to use Functional Training techniques | HITuni


whatever circumstance and if you could

sort of list the circumstances that

would be appropriate to use the function

types of functional training we use in

the cause so the good the good parts of

functional training would be is if

you're doing a standard Nautilus

protocol and you notice somebody can't

control their posture if you notice when

they're doing their chest press they

just have to hunch forward or they can't

stabilize their shoulders going back

when ones coming up ones coming back now

would be a time to try to learn a little

bit more about stabilization of the

shoulder shoulder girdle and if you

can't just back off in the weight and

use the form we demonstrate in the in

the the course then you may have to do

or it might be appropriate to add some

corrective exercises so the person can

control the shoulder blade better it's

not really doing physical therapy we're

not saying you have a problem and we're

gonna fix it or we're gonna prevent it

but if there's an obvious thing

happening there's no reason not to

address it so so one would be if they do

the standard the standard protocol maybe

they're working up and wait they're

working up an effort but you realize

their posture they're not controlling

their posture so the first step would be

just to back off a little bit reset and

start to progress using good posture

which of course presumes you know what

good posture is but that's the point of

the course then the second thing would

be is if the person has is starting to

have like a general achy feeling in the


you know how my shoulders a little stiff

my back's a little stiff if that's the

case then it could be something outside

the gym obviously but they combined that

complaint before it becomes a full-on

injury combine that complaint with not

using stabilization on the basic

knowledge protocol well now it'd be a

good sign to say okay maybe we have to

work on de stabilisation things

much of a people like myself yourself

don't like about functional training is

the kind of gonzo stuff when you're

throwing medicine balls and and linking

together multiple joint movements and

I'm still not a fan of that unless it's

at the end of a progression so the

person really practicing knows how to do

those exercises with complete stability

okay and then for a short period of time

out of the year a month or two out of

the year say out of a year of steady

training then you're ready to do that

type of thing where I think the think it

falls apart commercially is that people

are trying to do those gonzo things in a

class multiple times a week year-round

would that be sort of stuff that would

be may be most appropriate for an

athlete or a wannabe or would-be athlete

somebody used I personally don't think

so okay because I've known people who've

watched professional athletes trained

and they're impressed at how low-key it

is uh-huh how they don't kill themselves

and practice her in the weight room


I think it's exactly the opposite I

think it's the person who's not

necessarily blessed with real sport

skill and so they want to exert their

athleticism in the arena they're

comfortable in the gym yeah so you know

if you can't throw a baseball but you

can do a push-up or you can heave a

kettlebell do you go out and practice

baseball more or do you find more exotic

things to do with kettlebells and with

bodyweight exercises gotcha so if that's

their thing fine you know one of the

points I think we make towards the end

of the courses you're not going to out

argue these people if somebody likes

kettlebells of bootcamp leave it alone

because if those people's aches and

pains do catch up to them they might

find their way to you but not if you if

you mock them

for the sport they live in for the

exercise of the sport they liked while

they were doing it so so my attitude is

like I don't waste my time with ranting

about the boot camps or the kettlebells

or anything outrageous stuff you see I

just do my thing make people aware that

I do it so that periodically I get

people who say gee I tried this

kettlebell routine I threw out my back

do you do you use kettlebells no I don't

thank goodness you know