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comment or evening hello everyone our

today's topic aids spyglass that is used

in information handling in order to

represent the data in a manner that you

can easily evaluate useful information


let's see what is Pilar a pie graph is

defined as a drop that is divided into

sectors or slices to show relative size

of data or numerical proportion no need

to worry about the specters or slices

and the relative size of data or the

numerical proportion now terms as we

will discuss it with the help of example

so that you can easily understand this

concept ok so we are having an example

to show its concept imagine you are

given with a certain data as we will

rather in the form of table as for

example you have made a survey and you

asked the people that which which fruit

they liked the most and you have given

them with the option of light you asked

them whether they like mango or they

like apple or banana or orange or grapes

you are given them with the few options

then you choose that which true they

like the most

ok so your serveth present you with the

data according to which 10 people said

they like mango the most six people said

they liked the apple four people said

they liked banana

five people said they liked orange

orange you can say five people said they

liked origins and three people said they

like grapes

okay one more food we can add here is

gamma and how many people said they

liked gamma is seven so this is the

table that you are based on that you

have made based on your observation or

they on your survey that you have done

in order to find out how many people

like which food so you can show this

on the pie chart so you can easily show

this data on the pie chart let's see how

you can do this here there our concern

is not to not how to draw a pie graph -

Sun is just oh you can nab such

information on the pie graph so that you

can easily evaluate a useful information

from that ok so by using that data you

can draw a pie graph like this in a

circular form having set certain sectors

the number of sectors depends on the

number of the variables here we were

having the six variables or six

different types of fruits so our sectors

must be six we will discuss it later

that what is the sector of a circle so I

am just randomly draw the Spector's that

will show that data that we have already

seen in the table in the form of this

circular cross so we will write as for

example we will write the variables in

each sector as you write mango here it's

just an example we have not calculated

anything yet here we are just showing

that how it will be helpful to convert

the table into a pie graph that will

help you to easily evaluate the useful

information from it so we have the mango

we were having an orange grape and we

were also having an apple and we were

having the Java and the last one is been

on so these were the variables you can

say or the quantities that were involved

in this survey so these were these are

the variables we have given each

variable or each quantity riah given

each quantity that each sector now we

will represent their percentage that how

many percentage each quantity has got so

you will write as we are just writing it

randomly there is no calculated value

where keep this in mind we will see it

later that how you can calculate the

value okay so the percentage of mango

here is 28

percent and the number of mangoes were

number of mangoes were ten okay this is

the value of this sector okay then

orange orange was seven people said they

like orange so they just percentage for

twenty purse

how many people said they like grapes

three people said they like trips okay

and the percentage is and the percentage

is 8.5% okay then you write here here

how many people said they like banana

four people said they like banana we

will write it as four people said they

like bananas and the percentage will be

11.4% and same is the case with the rest

of them Apple was like by six people so

it's percentage or seventy in point

fourteen percent okay so this is the

graph that is showing the different

quantities that were involved in the

serene so now by looking at this graph

you can easily evaluate few informations

likes you can say that by looking at

this job that the most light fruit here

is the mango and you say that yes the

most like fruit is mango because the

percentage of the mango is 28% that is

the highest percent of all all of them

okay then the least like truth is what

just check it out root is the least like

truth is near the grapes okay because it

because it has 8.5% and only three

people said they like the grapes so this

is the very useful information that we

have evaluated from this graph it means

you can easily use pie graph to convert

your given data in a meaningful data in

order to evaluate the useful information

for me let's what are the advantages of

pie graph that why you should use the

pie graph each one by one first

advantages you can first thing that you

that comes into mind about this pie

chart is that it it is easy to

understand with a quick look that you

can easily understand the purpose of


that what it is showing by just looking

at that at the pipeline okay second

advantage is you can show part of

percentages as we have already shown

part of percentages in an understandable

way that which part has got how many how

much percentage third advantage is you

can easily draw from Paris as we have

already seen that we have made a

comparison of the fruits and and we have

seen that this fruit was liked by the

people the most and which fruit was

least liked by the people so you can

easily draw comparisons between the

different objects and the last is but

not the least

it presents externally you will displace

so your data becomes presentable and you

can have a very good effect by looking

at the graph that is representing your

data this place okay so that's all from

today's lecture we will discuss how to

draw up draw a pie chart as we have

already drawn and as we have already

seen in our in detail in our next

lecture so stay tuned for that thank

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