When To Send Wedding Invitations (AND SAVE THE DATES)

the most common question I get asked is

when do I send my wedding invites for

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I am so frequently asked when should I

send my wedding invites when shall I

send my save-the-dates

by the end of this video you'll know

when to send both invites and save the

dates all in relation to your date your

location and the length of your

engagement I've helped hundreds of

brides for their wedding planning and

now it's time for me to help you

right let's start with save-the-dates

okay so save-the-dates basically if you

don't know what they are they are a card

that goes out to all your guests to let

them know when the wedding date is

they're not the formal invitation

they're just to let your guests know

that you're getting married this is the

date you're getting married and that

they need to put it in their calendars

save the dates can go out anytime from

six to twelve months before your wedding

but if you want to send them out as soon

as you've booked your venue and you know

the date then go for it there's

absolutely no reason to stop you some

people think that you know you have to

be strict with it

you don't have to be strict with it it's

exciting and once you've got that date

you want everyone to put it in their

diary so that they don't miss the

special day or put something else in

their diary so if you want to send them

out as soon as you put that date do it

but as I said you can do it between six

to twelve months as well if you've got a

really short engagement get them out


why don't you comment below and let me

know when you're thinking of sending

your save the dates out

okay invites so sending invites out if

you've had a look online you've probably

found lists checklists lots of different

things that tell you completely

different times to send your invites out

I'm gonna tell you my opinion and what I

think so I personally think send your

invitations out two months before your

wedding date only two months my theory

behind this is obviously expert II with

clients and having planned lots of

weddings if you give your guests too

long to respond to your invitation with

their RSVP they are less likely to

actually do it and you're gonna end up

chasing so many more guests by giving

them a smaller window so they've only

got two months from when you send it out

to when they have to RSVP then they are

more likely to reply because there is a

more there is a bigger sense of urgency

they're less likely to put the invite

down and then forget where they've put

it so smaller window equals hopefully a

quicker return for the RSVP which is

better for you if you've sent out

save-the-dates there's no rush anyway

they have the date in the diary they

just need the extra information and when

it's closer to the day it's more of a

build-up and it's more exciting and it's

up and coming so that's my personal

opinion on that one keep it closer to

the day it gives you longer to work on

your stationery as well another pointer

when sending out your invites is to

consider the actual RSVP date so the

best thing to do is actually speak to

your caterer

they usually have a deadline for when

they need final numbers for the wedding

day because I've received the food so

check with them when that final deadline

is and then add two weeks on to that and

have that as your final RSVP date those

extra two weeks then give you a little

bit of leeway for those guests that you

will chase there will be guests you have

to chase but hopefully there'll be less

guests because you've given them a small

window and that sense of urgency if

you're enjoying this video be sure to

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all about your wedding planning

checklist I've got a full timeline for

you which will take you through your

whole planning so once you've got that

venue booked and you've sent those safe

the dates it's time to work out the plan

going forward to plan your wedding so

make sure you check the video now

next week

so let's talk about RSVPs we've

mentioned about giving guests a small

window and that sense of urgency so that

hopefully you get quicker replies now

the key to get in quicker replies is

making things as easy as possible for

your guests so that's what we're going

to talk about now things you can do for

that are either giving an email address

for guests to reply to everybody's on

their phone nowadays most people are

most of your guests have probably got an

email address the elderly ones perhaps

will have an email address they won't

always have an email address in which

case you can provide them with an RSVP

card which will move on to in a minute

but one option email address and guests

can reply really easily another option

is to have a wedding website so you can

send out a really simple invite

directing them to the website and then

they can go onto the website get all the

information for the wedding day

including transport travel accommodation

as well and they can just click a button

and RSVP that way which is nice and

simple and people again can just do that

on their phones which let's be honest

most people are always on their phones

another option is to send a priest

stamped and pre-addressed envelope for

your guests assemble and buy a card and

then write the address and buy a stamp

which I know is simple but let's be

honest people lead busy lives nowadays

so by making it as easy as possible for

your guests you're more likely to get

that quick response that you're after

you just don't want to be chasing people

especially right close up to the wedding

date because you've also got your table

plan to finish and finalize and you

can't have anything go to print for the

table plan itself until you know who's

coming so let's try and make it as easy

as possible for those guests and now you

know when to send your wedding

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