When To Move On After A Breakup?

hello and welcome to love advice TV my

name is coach Adrian and I'm joined by

the big man coach Alex hi guys super

excited to do this series of video with

someone that I consider a friend and a

mentor and I'm picking his brain to give

you guys out there YouTube world amazing

content and the question that I wanted

to ask you today alex is when should

people move on everyday people ask me is

it too late should I move on or my

chances done and of course there's we

live in a world where people are very

critical and there's negativity and

oftentimes people say oh you guys are

just here because you want to take

advantage of people's negative emotions

and despair and that is not what we do

we coach people to help find happiness

and love and so where do we draw the

line and where should you draw the line

when is it time to let go

first I think it's a really good

question because the goal is not to stay

stick you know to the to the

ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and to just

release the body motion and stay in the

negative emotion but that's not the goal

in one word I would say pattern

everything it's based on pattern okay so

when you want to get back with someone

that you love you will always do the

same things and waiting for the another

Unsworth from your ex when we say or

should we say I love you but you are

doing the same thing you know so it

cannot work like this you should move on

when you know that you change your

pattern when you change your ideas

that's why we spoke about the no contact

for silence module that we same phone

signals have you also sent a letter to

your ex because that's something new

that's something different that we not

do you will not do in your common

situation or common life right so if you

did everything and nothing's changed you

should move up but in 99% of the

coaching session that I do in France and

for people in the u.s. I can tell you

that there is something that we can do

together to break up your pocket you

pattern first and then to say oh we can

have an

the opportunity to seduce your ex I

don't know if it's make sense it makes

sense it's a lot of sense and it's

amazing and one of the things that you

guys should realize is the fact that

it's not linked to time time is not the

deciding factor in whether you should

move on or not patterns are what you've

actually done to change until you add

something it's not time it's not also

long distance relationship it's not

someone if even if your ex find someone

else it's not something that can tell

your relationship is done forever it's

always for me like about pattern as you

say sorry I just want to add it's

amazing so it's not time it's not space

and it's not your ex's circumstances who

they're with or who they're not with

it's about you and your action and

behavior and that's what we've been

preaching this entire time on this

channel and I'm so happy that you are

here because in many ways this is this

is your philosophy to kind of explain

this to the lovely people of YouTube and

I feel that I'm sure you we say the same

thing when we could someone she or even

know when he has to move on because he

did a lot or she need a lot you know

after action and action at all why just

silence and then action so push and pull

that we are doing you will feel when

okay no this is not the right person for

me I feel absolutely most of the people

that I've coached that on their own have

decided to move on will a test they will

attest to this I congratulate them

because there is a sense of peace of

mind in that decision they're at peace

with it and right now you may be

thinking but I don't want to move on I

don't want this peace of mind and I get

it I really do you want to be with this

person you love and for good reason

but would you rather be with that person

and unhappy or be single and at peace be

honest and I hope that you said single

and at peace because the point is to

find your well-being and to find someone

that will enable you to flourish not to

be in a relationship that brings you

down and that

you know stresses you would you agree

with me for sure for sure and we say

when you can change your pattern you

will offer yourself and for your ex a

new relationship right it's not going

with someone and being not happy that

makes no sense but it's rebuilding a new

relationship because you are a new


and your ex will feel this attraction

right so I know that you want to be with

your ex but it's going to be it's going

to be with your ex and for a new

relationship white that's about pattern

if you can change your pattern you can

move on but also move on meanings not

going back to the past move on to being

something better leave something better

so if with your ex that's so important

we talk about a new and improved

relationship all the time in our

articles in our videos and that is

exactly what we're talking about a new

pattern to create a new and healthy

beginning and a new relationship and one

where you can find true happiness with

your significant other so if you like

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