Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Introducing your new Virtual Classroom


hello and welcome to mr tompkins ed tech

in the last video i showed you how to

install teams on your device at home

if you missed that one you can click on

the link up here and go and watch it


this video is going to show you how to

find your class group and how to use it

to communicate with your teacher and

your classmates

so let's get into it now that you've

installed teams let's take a look around

firstly let's take a look at this

sidebar running down the left-hand side


now this is the pc version of teams on

an ipad it looks a little bit different

and these tabs run along the bottom of

the screen instead

now the first icon is for the activity


the activity tab shows you your latest


and i'll show you in a later video how

you can configure this so you just get

the ones you really care about

so watch out for that one chat allows

you to chat one-to-one with your teacher

or another student or even in

small groups now lots of schools turn

this feature off for students

so don't be surprised if it doesn't work

for you

the teams tab is where you'll find your

class or classes that you're part of

along with any other teams the school is

set up for you to be included in

and this tab is going to be the main

focus of this video

now depending on how your school is set

up you might only be in one team for

your main class

or you might be in lots of different

teams for each of your subjects

now on the pc these teams are shown as


which you can click on to open so let's

select one and tap on it

so i've now opened this team and you can

see in the left hand panel you have the

class name and logo appearing at the top

underneath you'll find one or more

channels listed

there is always a channel called general

in some of your teams though your

teacher may have added more channels to

help keep things organized

and you might find that there are

different channels for different topics

or activities within that class

this group i'm showing here just has the

one channel and it's called general

on my ipad it looks a little bit

different tapping on teams tab at the

bottom of the screen

will show me all the teams i'm a member

of listed down the left-hand side

i have to first tap on the team i want

and then it's going to show me a list of

all the channels inside that team

i then need to tap on the channel within

the team i want to open

back on the pc now i want to have a look

at the different headings across the top


you can see i've got five different tabs

showing posts

files class notebook assignments and


now your teacher can add more tabs so

you might find others here too

but a class team always has these five

to start with

now i've made separate videos on the

class notebooks

the assignments and the grades tab and

your teacher will share those with you

if they are going to be using those

features with your class

in this video i'm just going to be

looking at the first two

the posts and the files tabs now post is

a group chat experience for your class

and if you've ever been part of a

whatsapp group you'll recognize most of

the features here

you'll find a number of different

conversation threads each one is

normally about a different topic or

discussion point

notice each thread has a reply button

and at the bottom there

is another box for starting a brand new


your teacher may share some more rules

with you around posting to this area

but i'm going to give you some good

general advice about using the post

section firstly remember this is a group

chat and not a private chat you're

having with your teacher here

anything you post in here is going to be

viewable by every member of the group

which will include all your classmates

your teacher

maybe even the senior teachers at the

school or even the head teacher

so before you type anything in here

first think about whether you would

stand up in front of the class

and say that thing if the answer is yes

then go ahead type it in but if it's a

silly comment meant for one person in

the class and not the whole

class maybe it's better you don't if

it's a question you want to ask the


then it could be really useful to ask it

here it might be that other students in

the class have the same question

and you asking it will save everyone

else the trouble of asking the same


too also if the teacher answers your


then everyone else gets to read it too

and so will also know the answer

second try to reply to existing

conversation threads if you can and

don't just start new conversations

this will help keep the post area

organized and easier for everyone to use

so if your question is about a

particular piece of work

scroll back and find the conversation

thread where the teacher gave

out that work and reply to that thread

only start a new conversation if you're

sure there is not a relevant thread

you can reply to third try to be really

really polite

it's very easy to cause offense when

writing the comments online

it's amazing how much of our normal

communication is non-verbal

our facial expressions our gestures our

tone of voice

all these give extra meaning to the

words we say and these are all missing

from type messages

so it's really easy to be misunderstood

for jokes to backfire

and for people to take offense from what

you've written write properly in full


ask questions respectfully and if

someone helps you try to acknowledge

that help with a thank you or a thumbs


emojis can really help here as they give

extra visual clues about our intentions

but just don't overdo it finally try to

be helpful

if one of your classmates asks a

question and the teacher hasn't

responded yet

but you know the answer to it why not

give them a hand

remember if it's about the homework or

assignment it's better to give a hint

rather than just telling them your


that's not really helping them to

understand but helpful nudge in the

right direction is going to be

appreciated by everyone

and it might even get you some extra

credit so

in summary make it relevant reply to

existing threads

be polite be helpful the next tab along

is the file

section this is like a cloud drive for

the whole class

and your teacher might post additional

resources here for you to use in your


any documents or worksheets attached to

the conversation in the post section

will also appear in here

again remember this is a shared area so

any documents uploaded here are going to

be viewable by

everyone in the class not just you check

with your teacher for more details on

how they're going to be using this area

with you

over the coming year so you now know how

to find your class groups within teams

some rules about posting conversations

and how to find your class files

in later videos i'll be covering the

class notebook assignments and grades

and how to join a live lesson hosted in

teams meetings

so see you on the next video