Seven Tips On Hosting An Amazing Housewarming Party!

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I'm Kathleen and today we are talking

how to throw the most amazing house for

parties let's get started

tip number one unpack everything just


moving into a half is craziness so

thinking you're going to unpack every

single box in every single room and

decorate is just beep on not just focus

on the living area so that's the kitchen

the dining room the living room because

after all that is where your drinks are

going where your true where your guests

will be drinking and conversing so

really as long as you have those ready

as best as you can

the rest can remain to the side then

that invites a month in advance and

events are totally comfortable they're

an easy and efficient solution and let's

be honest we just bought a house so you

wake up home to be sending out no

regular in life and handwriting

everything so evite are the way to go

number three keep food circle like I

just mentioned you just bought a house

the last thing you need to be worried

about is planning some elaborate dinner

party with a 5 course meal so thank my

appetizers finger foods store-bought

desserts and that's the way to go if

it's summer things BBQ if it's winter or

spring although even if it's summer

think wine cheese and crackers anything

like we'll do if you need actual recipes

leave comments down below and I'll make

sure to share my own tip number 4 decor

so you will only need two things a spot

bar card for your drink area and some

fresh luscious flowers for your food

area so think countertop things on the

table you can put some fresh flowers and

you are good to go

I've also shared a bunch of blog posts

on styling your bar cart and the

essentials you'll need so Universal tips

so I'll make sure to link those on my

blog as well in case you need

number five don't forget to register I

know this is a tricky one but I always

say do it because definitely there will

be people that will ask just don't

include the registry in your invite

you're only going to have this in case

you know your mom your girlfriend your

friend calls you up and it's like hey

girl are you registered oh and then

you're like huh let me get that right to

you tip number six don't be afraid to

take them around I know what I said

before the moves are gone and we think

another time but this is what your

guests are here for they're here to see

your house your parking you bought the

condo you bought whatever the case may

be so definitely take them around plus

six or seven months down the line you're

gonna have them over anyway and then

you're gonna show them the finished

product and they're going to be able to

say oh my gosh I remember when this was

just starting and you had it done it

looks amazing

so schedule those house tours lastly but

certainly not least sending out

thank-you cards thinking your guests for

coming is a definite must and writing

them is such a personalized touch I'll

make sure to share my favorites along

with the ones my friends have used on my

blog so make sure to check them out oh

and before I go I'm also creating a

helps warming party inspiration board to

make sure that you guys have what you

need so follow along a Tennessee elated

pack Pinterest

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video gets you ready for your upcoming

housewarming party thank you so much for

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