Darkness in Alaska | Is It Really As Bad As They Say It Is?

well it's 8:30 this morning

and you can see the moon up there you

can see it's really really dark and

there's our Christmas tree reflected in

our window it's pretty cold outside I

don't think I can't even open open the

door because it's a slider because it's

froze shut but today is winter solstice

and it is the shortest day of the year

there we go - Lon it's dropping getting

colder out I guess that's fitting for

the first day of winter


just enjoying a nice cold morning on the

couch in a warm house a shortest day of

the year

well we're starting to get some those

are lights reflecting in the window but

we're starting to get some light it

looks like the Sun might be above the

horizon line this time of year we

actually don't get Sun here at the house

so it never pops up above the mountains

we lose it for about four weeks so we'll

start seeing it come up above the

mountains there but it's at a pretty low

angle right now you can still see the

moon out kind of pretty with just a

little sliver

eight weeks that's sad

maybe six weeks somewhere in the middle

25th of January we lives of great weeks

sometime in November yeah so we listed

the Sun behind the mountains for eight

weeks so we don't see the Sun from our

house it's kind of a bummer but you know

we make up for it in summer and we end

up having more daylight than everybody

else in the lower 48 but we like it

right here I have some vitamin D you get

that from the Sun figure shortest day of

the year probably need some vitamin D

okay this is like the maximum Sun height

right now it's 1:30 today and with the

time zones

we're offset because Alaska is so much

farther west and we're only an hour off

the west coast time but we're like two

time zones away so this would be like

11:30 in the middle of a time zone and

when the Sun hits at its peak or its

peak at noon but it hits its peak at

like around two o'clock so or 1:32

between 1:30 and 2:00 here and so this

is like the peak time of the Sun right

now it's you said it's about 1:30 and

this is the max daylight will have today

and the Sun won't even clear the

mountains it's pretty crazy

the birds are down here getting their

food and chickadees are feasting on the

bird food the kids put out for them

they're pretty happy


all right it's 3:30 and the Sun is

starting to go down you can see by the

clouds but it's a pretty short day today

so when our solstice pretty neat

alright it is 4:30 and there's still a

little bit of light in the sky but

that's gonna go pretty fast

so by a quarter to five I'm guessing

that all the light will be gone or

pretty close to it so anyways it's

heading down and we're going into the

dark for the end of the night well it's

five o'clock and there's actually just a

little bit of light in the sky which is

amazing to me it's just a little teeny

bit but this is the shortest day of the

year and it got light what at about hmm

it's about this light at about 9:00 a.m.

this morning

8:45 maybe and so say 9:00 to 5:00 so

you got eight hours of like actually a

little bit of light coming off the sky

to light so about eight hours maybe two

hours of that is Twilight but it's not

as bad as people make it out to be at

least not here in south-central Alaska

so but we're really excited now because

the days start getting longer from here

on out and that means that winter will

be more fun as we get into January in

February and then the best winter month

of them all is March so we're really

excited for that and we'll catch you

later happy winter solstice