HOW TO WEAR WHITE JEANS | 1 Pair of White Jeans, 10 Outfit Ideas Lookbook

hello and welcome back to my channel to

give you a new here my name is Emily and

I make fashion videos in space video I'm

going to be styling up some white sheep

so you get plenty of watching and outfit

inspiration I'm going to be wearing

these white jeans which are currently on

sale at country road at the time of

filming they are a high-waisted almost

like a month type vintage fit but they

are tape it and they're cropped at the

leg if this isn't the style that you

usually wear then don't worry don't be

put off you're still going to get loads

of outfit inspiration you can still draw

inspiration from my color palette and

what to generally put together for a

white jean outfit I believe white jeans

can be worn all year round I'm going to

try to show you some winter and some

summer looks with these watching don't

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and I just wanted to be able to do my

little bit to help with that so when

watching my video is that this month in

January please don't skip the ads

because all of my ID revenue is going

straight to the firefighters alright and

without further ado let's get into the

video with outfit number one


in my opinion white jeans go really well

with neutral colors colors that aren't

too bright and in-your-face I'd simply

put this outfit together by matching my

bag with the toe of my shoe matching

accessories is a really easy way to pull

a whole outfit together


the next looks I wanted to show you some

winter outfits I've paired my white

jeans with dark boots and light boots to

show you the versatility put the outfit

with dark boots I've popped a dark top

on and for the outfit with light boots

I've popped a light


we're gonna jump from winter to summer

now flax is probably my favorite color

to pair with white jeans in the

summertime unfortunately though this

color doesn't suit all skin tones so I

definitely try before you buy I've added

Brown accessories because brown and

white in summertime are a match made in





the next few outfits are black-and-white

outfits for spring and summer

this black and white blazer I got a few

years ago from Zara and has been so

versatile in my wardrobe


linen is by far my favorite fabric for

summertime a [ __ ] this black linen top

over my white jeans with some heeled

espadrilles to dress it up I love these

espadrilles from country road they look

so great with little summer dresses and

they're so comfortable


my favorite casual outfit would be a

gray t-shirt with white jeans gray and

white go great together I just love a

soft and neutral



now please don't sue me but of course I

had to show an all-white look this might

not be for everybody but for me I just

love the effortlessly chic look that it




in this next outfit I wanted to show how

to match white with cream have been very

intentional to match my buttons with my

bag and my shoes this helps blend the

cream and neutral tones into the white



and of course I couldn't show a white

jean outfit without a denim jacket in

this outfit of simply accessorize with

black to help pull the outfit together


I'm a big believer in double denim all

the time if that's what makes you feel

happy than you do you thanks for

watching and happy star