How Long Should You Wait To Sleep With A Guy?

so it's the age-old dated question how

long should you wait until you sleep

with a guy today I'm gonna answer that

question for you clearly and succinctly

so you never have to worry about it

going forward into the future hey girls

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so today's video we're addressing the

age-old dating question so how long

should you wait before you sleep with a

guy I'm going to give you the answer

from a guy's perspective I seen a lot of

headlines lately you see them all the

time and kind of a media it makes great

news you know women should wait till the

third day or the fifth day to sleep with

a guy I saw one recently women give it

up too easily

I saw one dating book that I read

actually that said a girl should wait at

least a month before she sleeps with a

guy so what's the right answer before I

answer that I want to go into where this

advice will come from why is it that

women get tall too white to delay to

kind of make the guy wait for the best

part there's a couple of reasons the

first is the old kind of judgments which

fortunately are dying out on women for

their sexuality so as we move forward

into the 21st century thankfully girls

being judged a lot less for expressing

themselves and enjoying their bodies

when they want to but there's a second

reason that the media and society in

general promotes this advice which is to

kind of wait and hold off it's about

challenge and it's about being a

challenge to apply so the logic is

you've wait and you challenge him before

you kind of give up the best part and

think for a second about how screwed up

that is when you're saying you're going

to leave sex until the third date or

fifth date or the tenth date because you

want to save the best

what are you communicating you're

communicating that sex is the best part

that sex is the best thing you have to

offer which isn't true for any of you

out there we know that's not true guys

have gone to war guys have killed

started battles over woman's love

I've got her so much more to offer about

the sex she has emotional support she

has a caring she has a nature she has a

personality a character width and most

of all her love and to say that sex is

the best thing you have to offer advice

such a diva human everything else you

girls have to offer and to bring into a

guy's life so when a woman with high

self-esteem with really high self-worth

thinks about sex

she doesn't think it being sex is the

same thing as being one over she could

have sex because she loves sex but it

doesn't necessarily mean that because

one or over yet whether she has sex on

the first day of the fifth day on the

tenth day the guy still has that

feeling that he could lose her if he

buggers up if he disrespects her if he

doesn't treat her well

and she has sex because she enjoys it

but it's this that matters it's the

being one over it's the challenge that

you provide to the guy that matters so

the answer to the original question how

long should you wait to sleep with a guy

is it doesn't matter because if you can

challenge that by in other ways he's

going to want to stick around after sex

it's going to want to win you over he's

going to want to become a part of your

world and work to be involved with you

always remember what you have to offer a

guy beyond sex your life you'll love

your personality everything you do that

supports a man that that keeps him going

that makes him feel fulfilled you have

so so much more to offer guidance sex so

never devalue yourself again by thinking

that you should wait till the fifth date

because you should save the best part to

a fifth day there is way way more best

parts of you to go way beyond the fifth

day than having sex with it girls let me

know what to think do you agree do you

disagree I've added in the comments ask

me any questions you want I love talking

about this topic so I'd love to hear

from on it we can chat we can add in

more ideas help with the other girls who

might be struggling with this question

most of all value yourselves that's the

biggest thing that I want to get across

to girls with this there's way more -

there's way more to order than sex

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