Warehouse Capacity - Are you Running Out of Warehouse space?

so are you always running out of

warehouse space it gets frustrating

doesn't it just know where to put stuff

it clogs up the warehouse and it really

impacts productivity let me share with

you four really simple things if you're

clogged up warehouse let's just draw a

quick warehouse up here easier to

understand this with some pictures so

first of all you probably maybe got some

racks running up and down the warehouse

very simple example here and maybe here

we've got dispatch docks and receipting

docks and so on first thing to have a

look at is the media the storage media

that you're using is it appropriate to

store and handle the products that you

are now handling maybe it's a little bit

out of date so the type of ranking cart

and large storage all that sort of stuff

can actually give you much denser

storage and particularly things like you

know generally they're along a wall

things like carousels where you get very

dense storage so have a look at the

storage media the next one is slotting

if you've never heard of slotting its

magic you can use very simple systems I

guess you could do it on a spreadsheet

but basically slotting allows you to put

product in the warehouse in the most

efficient location to reduce the pick

path you don't want people walking up

and down the aisles just trying to

fulfill an order so you probably realize

that products come in sort of ABCD

classifications azar the really fast

movers you'd want the A's near the

dispatch dock so you can basically just

pick them and bring them out for

dispatch then you're gonna have the B's

the C's and so on and the slower moving

items are going to be at the back of the

warehouse so slotting is a really good

move to improve warehouse productivity

let's talk about the actual inventory

stored in there generally warehouses

gets a sort of capacity and over

capacity because people have just got

too much inventory have you actually

studied the inventory done a proper

classification of ABC's looked at the

sort of safety stocks and working stocks

and got that balanced because if you

haven't you can actually problem

reduce the amount of inventory in the

warehouse that's very simple three

things to do check the media slot the

products to make sure they're in the

right place and make sure you're not

carrying too much inventory so have a

think about your warehouse if it's over

capacity would one of those three things

actually help you now if you actually

want to know more about this I'm gonna

be talking about this at great length

and a full-day workshop coming up in

Melbourne and Sydney very soon in fact

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the details for that event

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