Workplace Etiquette & Advice : How to Call in Sick at Work

Things happen and we all get sick. But there's a proper way to let your employer know. I'm

Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. How

do you call in to work and notify them that you're sick? There's several things that you

want to make sure that you do. Call as soon as you know that you're not going to make

it. I know sometimes we just want to just wait and see if we're feeling better. But

it's probably better to call and put your employer on notification that you're not going

to be there, so that they'll have the most time to try to cover your shift. If there

is an important project that you're working on make sure that when you call in sick that

someone knows where the information is and how to work on that project if necessary.

Always try and talk with your supervisor. Don't leave a message on the answering machine

unless it is absolutely necessary. Talk with your supervisor, apologize for the fact that

you are not going to make it. Let them know how much you wanted to be there and it's totally

unavoidable. If you have some idea on when you'll be back, give them that information

as well. There is a way to call in sick and let your manager and your co-workers know

you're sorry you can't be there to contribute. This is Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training

Systems in Saint Petersburg, Florida giving you a way to call in sick at work and still

maintain the information that you might need to keep a good working relationship.